"A Letter to the desk of the Editor" to "Letter from Editor's Desk”

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

The team of sketchup ur space is going to publish another sensational edition of its exclusive sketchup magazine.

In this current issue, our editorial team mainly focuses on the most important plugins in 2015. In this respect our editorial team has presented an in-depth cover story on top 10 plugins for sketchup in 2015. These sketchup plugins are very useful in generating naturalistic 3d models.

In interview section, the sketchup ur space team has interviewed Laurent Brixius, a French-speaking Belgian architect, CG Artist and SketchUp trainer. In this interview Laurent shares his professional and personal experiences with sketchup.

In article section there are two nice articles presented by the editorial team of our magazine. The first one is based on learning sketchup by pursuing some best methods. There exist lots of resources to improve the modeling skills and productivity with sketchup but the sketchup users have to choose the best practices. By going through this article, one will be familiar with five best practices to learn sketchup within short span of time.

The second article is presented on highlighting the processes for producing an accurate polygon building maintaining the proper dimensions through sketchup.

In tutorial section our reader will get five instructional tutorials for sketchup users. The first tutorial is presented by Simone Piccioni, a sketchup hobbyist. In this article Simone teaches us how to apply Sketchup Uv plugin and the program Roadkill UV Tools to map a texture on a model having complicated shape.

In his second article Piccioni shows how to use sketchup clean plugin to clean any model all those segments, hidden geometry, duplicate faces etc.

The third article is presented by editorial team of sketchup ur space. With this tutorial, the sketchup users can learn some easy to follow tricks through step-by-step processes for measuring the height of structure on Google Earth.

The fourth article is also presented by the editorial team of sketchup ur space that focuses on the newest skill builder video series launched by sketchup team in recent time. In this particular skill builder video series one can learn how to insert material to the sketchup components efficiently.

The last and final tutorial is based on sketchup STL export. Learn how to utilize sketchup together with some free open source programs like MeshLab and Accutrans3D to create and export .stl file format from inside sketchup.

In blog section, the first write-up is about the latest version of CL3VER alias CL3VER 3.0. This newest version facilitates the engineers, architects, and other design professionals to experience real-time photorealistic lighting effect, obtain VRay material support and secure project sharing for superior quality real-time 3D presentations.

In blog section, there is another write-up that focuses on a ground-breaking new product called substance painter. The users can create sensible textures by adding details to your model as well as paint with particles.

In news section our readers can get lots of exciting news on sketchup and various latest 3d modeling programs.

Hope, this issue will be a great resources for worldwide sketchup lovers.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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