"A Letter to the desk of the Editor" to "Letter from Editor's Desk”

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

We have just published the next edition (August 2015) of sketchup ur space. This edition is also enriched with some scholarly articles, useful tutorials, updated news etc.

To start with, the sketchup ur space team has presented an in-depth cover story that is based on sketchup and 3d printing. Our readers will learn how to use various tips to easily make any sketchup design ready for 3d printing.

In article section, there will be three articles. The first article differs from the usual sketchup article as it is written for 3ds max users. The article focuses on the new and advance features of 3ds max 2016. Some outstanding features of 3ds max 2016 have been briefly analyzed here.

The second article is about a sketchup plugin called Sketchup Architectural Entourage that is still in beta development stage. The plugin contains some useful toolset which can convert any 3d design into the masses through sketchup.

The third article will guide the sketchup users on how to install ruby extensions to explore through various sketchup extensions and use them according to your requirements. In order to use sketchup extension, go to sketchup and choose Window---- extension warehouse.

The tutorial section contains three useful tutorials. The first tutorial is presented by Ryan Gorman, the recognized cad instructor and cad designer. In his tutorial Ryan briefly explains how to effectively create an array by applying various sketchup tools.

The second tutorial is a simple tutorial for beginner sketchup users. This tutorial will help you to generate the drawing for making a 3d sofa with sketchup.

The last and final tutorial provides some handy tips and instructions to save huge time and make your modeling process superior with sketchup.

In blog section, there exist two informative write-ups. The first one is about demonstration of Brighter 3D sketchup 2015 software to produce realistic renders out of any sketchup scene.

The second one is about an exciting news that VFX Direct Digital Media Agency will perform as the certified sketchup content developer to generate and distribute 3d models through 3d warehouse.

In interview section, the team of sketchup ur space has interviewed Ahmed Maher, the authorized instructor for Trimble and an assistant teacher in German University in Cairo (architectural department). Mr. Maher has briefly explained various aspects of sketchup in architecture and urban designing.

In news section the readers will get latest happenings in sketchup world as well as about the upcomings in sketchup.

Hope our readers will like this edition and provide their valuable feedbacks for more improvements.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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