A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

Another fabulous edition of sketchup ur space is awaiting to be published very soon. In this issue a bunch of cool contents and tutorials along with tips and tricks from industry expert will be featured. You can start with the cover story presented by the team of sketchup ur space that focuses on the cloud rendering with sketchup. Sketchup is a great tool to provide solutions for cloud based rendering for animation, architectural & engineering industries. Be familiar with rendicity a tool that facilitates the designers to produce photorealistic image from sketchup models.

In article section there will be four informative articles on sketchup. All these articles are written by the editorial team of sketchup ur space. The first article evaluates the application and various aspects of sketchup’s photorealistic rendering capability with Renditioner. Renditioner is a program specifically designed to perform within SketchUp, through a one – button easy to use format.

The second article explains what the obstacles are in 3d printing industry and how to get rid of these obstacles. The 3d printing industry is growing at a rapid space but still it is in its infancy stage and there exist some issues which are causing disruptions for the future development of the 3d printing technology.

The third article briefly describes the functionalities of engineeringtoolbox plug-in inside of SketchUp. This sketchup plugin is very useful to insert standard and customized parametric components to any sketchup model.

The last and final article highlights the impact of Virtual Reality technology and how it is integrated with various game engines to create the stunning game devoid of expert knowledge in coding.

In tutorial section, the readers will enjoy three exclusive tutorials. The first tutorial is presented by Dario Ilardi, the renowned architect that shows how to apply sketchup & v-ray for modeling and rendering of a exterior scene.

The second tutorial is about how to flip or mirror of any geometry with sketchup. The flipping or mirror is co-related with each other. One can also apply scale tool inside sketchup for flipping or mirroring geometry.

The third and final tutorial is about the advanced features of V-ray 3.0 which can speed up your rendering rendering process as well as the quality. Get some useful tips from the most recognized digital artist Vinnie LaCour.

In interview section the team of sketchup ur space has interviewed Warunyoo Songkran, an environmental engineer and director of a small engineering consultant company in Thailand. Mr. Songkran has shared his profession experience with sketchup and how he utilized sketchup in his engineering workflows.

Besides, in blog and news section, our readers will get some useful information on sketchup and 3d printing technology.

Hope our readers will enjoy this issue very much and share their valuable opinions.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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