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Beyond 3D: David O'Reilly’s Work

Los Angeles is now energetic with plethora of animation actions. The lo-fi absurdist animator David O’Reilly will be given the compliment and a mark of respect at the REDCAT theatre at Disney Music Hall downtown, The CTN Expo in Burbank as well as the Animation Breakdown festival in Hollywood. Jerry Beck of Animation Scoop has of late published this on

These will also be presented by the stupid pill -- REDCAT’s Jack H. Skirball – looked after by Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud.

However, the CTN Expo is the programme where top experts from the field come together in conventional and digital animation. This programme is called Beyond 3D: The Animated World of David O'Reilly.

Detail of activities:

  1. The External World (17min., 2010, HD),

  2. A boy learns to play the piano,

  3. The World premiere at the 67th Venice Film Festival US premiere at Sundance 2011. “Banned from exhibition in China by Shanghai's Ministry Of Culture”.

  4. Please Say Something (10min., 2009, HD)

  5. A troubled relationship between a cat & mouse set in the distant future.

  6. Octocat (5 min., 2008, HD) Octocat searches for his parents.

  7. RGB XYZ (10min., 2008, HD)

  8. A boy finds adventure in the big city. Written & Directed by David OReilly. In addition, rare and new work for sure.

We know David O’Reilly is an Irish filmmaker and artist -- writer based in Los Angeles. He began working with animation. He had started his work in childhood at the age of 14.

He started working at Shynola and Studio AKA in London, where he sharpen himself like Beck’s “E-Pro” video.

He involved in the Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, U2, M.I.A., and Garth Jennings’ Son of Rambow.

He is a great thinker, mind-boglling worker made the short films such as The External World and Please Say Something have garnered over 80 awards including Berlin’s Golden Bear, the Cartoon D’Or and had premieres at Sundance and the Venice Film Festival, among others.


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