A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

The team of sketchup ur space has just published another fabulous edition. The most important news in this year is that the availability of sketchup 2015. In this regard, our editorial team has written an exclusive elaborated cover story on sketchup 2015.

First time, the sketchup enthusiasts can access the 64-bit version for Windows and Mac machines. In this cover story, our editorial team has focused on some significant features of sketchup 2015 which range from 64-bit application, face finder enhancements, rotated rectangle, 3 point arc, new licensing system, fast styles, IFC import and classifier improvements, Ruby API improvements, added features like spell checking/multi select/dynamic vector model loading/shared connections etc., Trimble Connect for sketchup release notes.

In interview section, our team interviewed Suresh Tamang, the Managing Director of Chitwan Design Consultant Pvt. Ltd. In this exclusive interview, Mr. Tamang narrates how he utilizes sketchup in his projects ranging from construction designing, surveying, landscape, interior design.

In article section there are total five in-depth articles and amid them four articles are written by our editorial team and rest one is presented by Arthur Coelho.

In the first article, Arthur Coelho, an ICT/arts teacher from Portugal, briefly describes how sketchup can be applied as a useful teaching tool igniting creativity in young children.

The second article focuses on the photogrammetry technology and its various usages.

In the third article, the readers will be familiar with the top 25 best free 3d modeling applications useful for films, animation and gaming, interior designing and architecture.

With the fourth article, the readers can learn how to create large object models in sketchup through Trimble vision. The geospatial professionals can apply this location-aware data to create 3D models in SketchUp.

The last and final article focuses on the top 50 sketchup plugins useful for improving the architectural design process.

In tutorial section there are two exclusive tutorials. In the first tutorial Morne Erasmus shows how to render some 3D objects as 2D billboards with various v-ray programs.

In the second tutorial, there is a presentation by Chris Oatley, the renowned Disney character designer that shows how sketchup can be an effective tool for creating web comics.

In blog section the readers will get the latest update about the collaboration between AXYZ design and Chaos Group to access high-quality Metropoly 3D Ready Posed Human Characters Catalogue by Sketchup & Rhino users.

In blog section, there will be also another exclusive video presented by Warunyoo Songkran that focuses on Design, Bill of material and shop drawing with SketchUp.

In news section, our readers will get latest upadates in 3d modeling fields.

Hope our readers will like this edition very much.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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