A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

The Christmas is approaching nearby and all the people are in festive mood. Keeping this in mind, we have published a specially designed Christmas issue for our readers.

In this issue, there will be an exclusive as well as informative cover story written by Claudio Cosentino, the renowned production designer and teacher from Italy. In this cover story, Mr. Cosentino focuses on the impact of latest 3d printing technology together with industrial, medical, building and space for creating a digital model through a 3d modeling software like sketchup.

In article section there exists five exclusive articles. Out of five articles, four articles are written by the editorial team of the magazine and one article is written by Fred Abler, Ceo of Form Fonts.

The first article is about some useful tricks and tips on various sketchup tools which can increase the speed of 3d modelers to a great extent.

The second article features Form Fonts, go-to subscription based collection of 3d models and textures which can be used with sketchup and various photo-real rendering programs.

The third article highlights how architectural design is evolved through digital sketching pattern with the use of some useful digital sketching tools like sketchup.

The fourth article is written by our editorial team which explains the importance of 3D mouse to the sketchup and 3d designers as well as its various applications.

The last and final article is about how sketchupfab and Fule3D have tied a knot for uploading 3d models in web.

In tutorial section, the most promising 3D artist Salah Hussein who associated with Dragon FX Studio, has presented an exclusive tutorial on Mystique FX with 3ds Max. This FX is Procedural and it can be applied to any mesh as per your choice.

In another tutorial, Warunyoo Songkran, the experienced environmental engineer, shows how sketchup dynamic components greatly facilitate the construction design process.

In interview section, the team of sketchup ur space has interviewed Artur Coelho, an ICT/arts teacher as well as sysadmin, researcher, amateur artist and science fiction fan from Portugal. With this interview, Mr Arthur briefly explains how sketchup can be integrated into the ICT curriculum.

In blog section the readers will get lots of sketchup tips and in news section there will be several current updates on sketchup world.

Hope this issue will contain the items of great interests to our readers.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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