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Hello friends!

The team of sketchup ur space has launched another fabulous edition of its Magazine i.e March 2014. There are lots of sketchup plugins emerge out in 2014. Keeping this in mind the team of sketchup ur space has presented an exclusive cover story which focuses on some new and improved SketchUp plugins 2014.

The sketchup users can search through extension warehouse to ensure that these new plugins are compatible with sketchup 2014.

In article section there exits two articles and both of them are written by our team members. One article focuses on Tango, the latest 3d modeling phone launched by Google. Google’s Project Tango aims to model it in real-time 3D through a smartphone.

In another article, the readers can get familiar with the most updated version of Lumion alias Lumion 4.5 which is expected to launch in May 2014. Lumion 4.5 contains 100+ advanced features as well as superior character models library involving new models and animation.

In tutorial section, Andrew Alexander, the most promising draftsman, presents an useful tutorial through which he briefly explain how to utilize sketchup and 3D Lego modelling programs to create some stunning 3d models.

In blog section, the readers can gather information on an open source Ruby debugger framework which will simplify the debugging for sketchup ruby extension developers.

In blog section, there is another useful write up which provides information on SketchUp Free and Pro version (2013 and 2014). It is a collection of Video Graphics authored by Jean-Luc Clauss. This training video is highly helpful as it aids in mastering drawing and communication with SketchUp 3D 2013 and 2014.

In blog section, the readers will be familiar with the layout feature in sketchup 2014. It is an add-on tool that is compatible with a BIM (building information modeling) program. The readers will learn how layout comes up with several BIM functionalities.

In news section there will be updates regarding the latest happenings in the 3D modeling arena.

Hope our readers will enjoy this issue to a great extent.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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