A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

We are going to publish another fabulous issue of Sketchup Ur Space. In this issue we are mainly focusing on Sketchup Extension Warehouse. EW is a great source for different kinds of sketchup plugins and add-ons. The sketchup users can search and set up add-ons for sketchup through EW.

The sketchup extension warehouse contains various categories which range from rendering, reporting, drawing, text/labeling, 3d printing, scheduling, drawing, text/labeling, 3d printing, scheduling, import/export, developer tools, productivity, animation, energy analysis etc. These extensions are useful for various industries like Architecture, Engineering, Gaming, Kitchen & Bath, Woodworking, Heavy Civil, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Construction, Film & Stage, Education and other.

In our main cover story there will be a nice and brief presentation on various aspects of Sketchup Extension Warehouse.

We always strive to make our magazine a learning platform for newbie sketchup users. For this purpose, we include lots of tutorials in the tips & tricks section of the magazine. In the current issue there will 5 (five) tutorials on sketchup. Out of five sketchup tutorials, three tutorials are presented by Simone Piccioni, a renowned renderer who studied at Faculty of Architecture (UNAM). All the tutorials from Simone focus on how to model Buzz Ligthyear with Sketchup, how to create the thread of a screw with SketchUp and how to shape a shelby through sketchup.

There are other tutorials presented by Glare Technologies, the parent company of Indigo Renderer and Justin Geis, the most promising sketchup modeler. Glare Technologies provides an useful tutorial that focuses on how to model a simple swimming pool in SketchUp and Indigo. In his tutorial, Justin shows how to produce Curved Extruded Letters on a Curved Sign in SketchUp without Plugins.

In article section, Mohab M Refaat, who studied at faculty of urban and regional planning, has presented an exclusive article that highlights how to import any design from CAD to Sketchup. There will be 3 (three) more articles provided by the team of sketchup ur space which range from how to improve your sketchup skills through various tips on sketchup tools & various intermediate and advance modeling practices, how to make your design appealing by inserting 3d text to any sketchup model and how to produce scenes/animations through sketchup.

In Interview section, there will be exclusive interview with Nomer Adona, the well know designer, architect and teacher.

In the news and blog section of the magazine, the readers will get up-to-date information about sketchup.

Hope that you will like this publication of Sketchup ur Space. We will love to hear feedback from you.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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