A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

We are going to publish another fabulous edition of sketchup ur space. Since its inception in 2010, our magazine has grown and thrived worldwide. We are getting constant support from our guest columnists and it empowers us to continue the publication successfully all the times.

In this current issue, there are lots of nice articles, tutorials, blog etc. presented by our team and some recognized sketchup professionals.

In the cover story section, there is an informative discussion on how sketchup and 3d printing are co-related. Sketchup is very useful for designing and printing a printable object as it contains several STL plugins. This exclusive cover story is prepared by our in-house team.

In article section, Jacopo Allamprese, a promising aerospace engineer, shares his experience on how he utilizes sketchup for making the design of an F1 car for a virtual design competition.

In another article, our in-house team prepares an article that evaluates the crucial role of sketchup in film making industries to pre-visualize scenes and shots as well as designing sets, giving special effects, deciding camera angles and shot sequences and much much more!

In tutorial section, Amir Modi, the CG architect and freelance 3d visualize, presents an instructional article that focuses on how to apply v-ray, 3ds max and photoshop for modeling and rendering of the design of a Gym.

In the second tutorial, Graficad2d3d presents a tutorial which briefly demonstrates how to apply sketchup and v-ray to create the design of an interior scene.

In blog section, the readers will be familiar with the most updated version of Raylectron alias Raylectron v4.xx. This newest application can transform your rendering and animation capabilities to the next level.

In blog section, there will be another news on special sketchup class for woodworkers organized by USA based Centre for furniture Craftsmanship.

In news section the readers will get various updated newsworthy contents on sketchup.

Hope our readers will enjoy this issue to a great extent.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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