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The year 2014 brings lots of excitements for sketchup users as Trimble has released another crucial version of Sketchup i.e. sketchup 2014.

In SketchUp 2014, there exists significant advancements with 3D warehouse. The sketchup 3D Warehouse is totally revamped with the integration of WebGL viewer, facilitating the sketchup professionals to view and orbit models in complete 3D ahead of downloading them into their own projects. Now the sketchup users don’t have to open any 3D models in sketchup initially for uploading the models. They can upload any 3D models straightforwardly from their web browsers. The size of uploadable models is raised from 10 to 50 megabytes.

Sketchup 2014 simplifies BIM workflow to a great extent with the inclusion of new classifier tools to tag geometry with industry standard object types like walls, slabs, roofs and lots more. After classifying the objects in any model, export an IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file bundling the project to be applied with a new BIM application. The sketchup users will be able to obtain the crucial metadata that is inserted in Sketchup Pro 2014 with their model geometry.

The team of sketchup ur space had published another sensational issue. In this issue the team of sketchup ur space has presented an exclusive cover story focusing on evolution of sketchup till the release of sketchup 2014.

In article section, Mr. Bob Lang, the Executive Editor of popular Woodworking Magazine, has presented an enriched write up highlighting how one can print a full-size pattern from the free version of SketchUp.

In another article, Geraldine Chua, the Content Producer at Cirrus Media Australia, explains how the architects get benefitted with sketchup in comparison with other expensive 3D modeling programs like Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD or ArchiCAD.

In tutorial section, Dadi Supriadi, the most promising Freelancer 3D Render, has presented an exclusive tutorial analyzing how to produce a realistic roof with sketchup.

In another tutorial, Javier Wainstein, the renowned 3D modeler and architect having great expertise in interior space designing, has provided some useful tips & tricks on how to add Scandinavian touch to the interior space of a room through sketchup, photoshop and v-ray.

There is another short but useful tutorial which is presented by Apple Trox, the talented 3D graphic artist focusing on how to make tile setting with sketchup.

In blog and news section the readers will get the latest information with the 3D modeling world.

Hope our readers will enjoy and cherish with reading this issue.

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