A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

The latest edition of sketchup ur space is just released. This issue specifically highlights the importance as well as usability of various sketchup plugins & sketchup extensions.

Keeping this in mind, our editorial team presents an exclusive cover story focusing on the most recognized sketchup plugins which can transform your design skill to the next level. All these plugins are supported with live YouTube sketchup videos.

Sketchup plugins are very useful to include & extend various functionalities inside sketchup which are not available with the free versions of sketchup.

In interview section we interviewed Ricardo Botella, the renowned architect and 3d visualizer who shares his professional experiences in 3d modeling & visualization.

In article section, there will be three interesting articles on sketchup & 3d modeling. The first article discusses the usefulness of sketchup tips and sketchup extension which can significantly enhance your 3d modeling speed.

The second article speaks on how the latest 3d modeling technologies provide huge benefits to real estate developers. The real estate developers can use these 3d modeling apps to generate customizable, immersive 3d models of interior spaces easily as well as verify the interior scene by positioning the various 3d models of furniture, walls, windows etc. So the real estate developers visualize what a space will look like before it is presented in reality.

The third article will focus on top 10 ideas before going to select the perfect 3d modeling software to streamline the 3d printing process.

In tutorial section, our editorial team provides an exclusive presentation on new improved sketchup 3d warehouse with sketchup 2015. In sketchup 2015, the 3d warehouse components are extended; glorified and standard component are improved. Till now, 2800 individual contents have been restored in 3D warehouse.

In blog section, our readers will get brief overview on scalp for sketchup. Scalp for sketchup is applied to generate astonishing construction documents inside SketchUp. Skalp takes SketchUp's standard Section tool and supports drawing scales, line widths, line colors, fill colors and even transparencies.

In news section, our readers will be updated with latest news in 3d modeling worlds.

Hope our readers will like this issue very much.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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