A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

We have published the August issue of our esteemed magazine. Each and every issue of the magazine facilitates the readers to keep abreast of recent industry trends in sketchup and 3d world.

Sketchup-ur-space is a trustworthy and well-respected source of brainwave for worldwide sketchup professionals. Every issue of our magazine features in-depth tutorials, articles, cover stories, interviews, community news, stunning 3d images etc. based on sketchup.

In this current edition our in-house editorial team has published an exclusive cover story on 3d printing with sketchup. Sketchup is a great application to design models and make them 3d printable. Sketchup allows users to create perfect 3D prototypes.

In article section, there are four outstanding articles and all are presented by our in-house editorial team. The first article focuses on how to create 3d modeling design with polymide material. The readers can get brief insight into polymide 3d modeling.

The second article is about layout dimension tool inside sketchup. The readers can learn how to apply angular dimension, edit it as well as modify dimension elements.

The third article focuses on behind the scene story of 3D printing. The readers can learn how it originates as well as gradual evolution of 3d printing.

The last article opines on theory of 3d modeling. The readers will be familiar with types, the process as well as various useful 3d modeling applications.

In tutorial section, our readers will get some useful & instructional tutorials provided by some renowned 3d modeling professionals.

The first tutorial is presented by Justin Geis, the founder of sketchup essential. In this tutorial, Justin briefly shows how to apply sketchup for modifying 3d shapes through scale tool.

Laurent Brixius, the renowned Belgian architect and author, presents two useful tutorial. The first one explains the functionality, application & usefulness of various sketchup components. The second one focuses on how to fix and optimize existing existing components to make them quickly and easily reusable for your projects.

The last tutorial is presented by Andrew Jones, a promising IT professional and designer. With this tutorial, Andrew explains how to apply slicemodeler plugin within sketchup to generate laser cut 3D shapes that snap together without glue.

In interview section, we have arranged an interview with Mario Goles, the leading architect, interior designer and 3d visualize. Mario briefly analyzes the role of sketchup in his professional life.

In news and review section, the readers will keep abreast with latest trends and happenings in 3d modeling as well as 3d printing worlds.

Hope this issue will be very fruitful to our readers.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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