A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Rajib Dey - Editor-in-chief

We are going to publish another fabulous issue of sketchup-ur-space. I think our magazine is quite different from others online magazine as we want to be helping hand to the newbie sketchup professionals to showcase their work through our magazine at free of cost.

We always strive to show our gratitude and thankfulness to these young people who always support us by providing some exclusive tutorials/articles.

In this issue, we receive some great tutorials and articles. In article section, author Göran Sandberg from Axis Communications presents an article highlighting how to make effective design of video surveillance systems with 3D visualization. Security is a vital part in large building especially in airport terminals, or office complexes. In order to get optimal utilization of the entire security system, 3D visualization can help to make plan & layout of complete video surveillance systems efficiently.

In a second article, author Tony Gushanas shows some effective tips to speed up the workflow sketchup for creating more models in quickest possible time.

In tutorial section there are four exclusive tutorials. In first tutorial, author Mark Lester Ocampo, the promising Designer & 3D Visualizer, focuses on step by step guidance to process finished render combining vray render output elements in Photoshop.

In second tutorial, Simone Piccioni, shows step-by-step processes for creating the model of a rectangular football field through sketchup and its plugins. In third tutorial, Simone applies sketchup to create the designing and modeling part of a fiat car 500.

In last and final tutorial, Mario Goles, the renowned interior designer and 3d architectural visualizer, briefly explains the complete workflow for creating interior design of living room. He apply sketchup and v-ray for texturing, lighting and rendering processes.

In interview section we provide an exclusive interview with Thomas Thomassen, the most recognized model maker, 3D visual artist, software programmer, and web designer. This interview was published earlier with Chaos group and with their permission we republished in our magazine. In this exclusive article Thom exposes his experience in the 3D industry, why he applies V-Ray, and what he does while not being engaged with designing, rendering, and programming.

The team of sketchup ur space also presents an exclusive cover story analyzing all the crucial features of sketchupfab how it provides great benefits to the 3d modelers and 3d artists to upload their 3D models either through any web browser or directly from any 3D editor devoid of any plugin and distribute these models with others via leading social media platforms like Facebook, Behance, LinkedIn, Kickstarter, DeviantArt, WordPress, and other forums.

In blog section, Zulma Whiteford briefly describes how to apply various useful tools in sketchup for efficient 3D drawings. The team of sketchup ur space explains the useful features of Visualizer for SketchUp, an extension for SketchUp that comes with on the spot and incessant natural-outdoor-lighting view from inside SketchUp, involving bounce color and even optional lens-focus blur to express scale.

In news section the readers can get familiar with the latest updates on 3d modeling and sketchup world.

Hope our reader will relish this issue to a great extent.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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