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Hello friends!

We have just published another fabulous issue of our exclusive magazine. The most striking news of this year is the announcement of sketchup basecamp 2014. The base camp is going to be held in Colorado, USA. The sketchup users will be able to enhance their skills by undergoing various interactive sessions, presentations, workshops from some most recognized sketchup lumanaries. The readers can more updates about the basecamp by visiting the news section of the magazine.

We have also presented an exclusive cover story presented by Rosanna Mataloni. It focuses on the Announcement of 3D challenge in October 2013. The 3d challenge will be performed on an architectural theme of the Italian Renaissance. Here the participants have to submit images by maintaining the beauty as well as the styles and visualization quality of Renaissance architecture. The final date of submission of entries is 30th November 2013.

In interview section we have arranged a special interview with Claudio Javier Feldman, who has several years of experience working as an architect and artist. He has also the ability to perform with various Medias, Techniques and 2D/3D-Programs. Mr. Feldman also performs as the guest columnist of our magazine.

In article section there are two exclusive articles presented by Warunyoo Songkran and Robert Lang. In his article Warunyoo Songkran has demonstrated how he utilized sketchup as a primary tool for creating the virtual design of a entire construction project lifecycle. In another article Robert Lang announces the launching of his new books “Builidng Blocks of Sketchup”. The book will be very useful for sketchup users who generally deal with woodworking projects. Learn the fundamental of 3d modeling with sketchup through 260 pages of illustrated text and 50 embedded video lessons.

In tutorial section, Lee Wylde has presented an unique tutorial involving step-by-step processes highlighting how he applied SketchUp for making a design scheme with an executive penthouse in Dubai’s Business Bay. In another good tutorial Javier Wainstein, a 19 years old student who offers rendering services to architects, has provided the detailed process focusing on how he makes the stunning design of a bathroom with sketchup pro.

In the blog section there will be latest updates about the upcoming plugins for sketchup which includes BIMobject application for sketchup, Paradise sandbox plugin for sketchup and LumenRT 4.3 for sketchup.

Hope our readers will enjoy this issue as usual.

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Rajib Dey
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