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Author : James Meier

How to make Unique Shapes in Google SketchUp8

The key to making a unique shape in SketchUp8 is the “follow me” tool. It can be found under tools in the toolbar. The first step is to make any two dimensional profile, a square, a triangle, a polygon, a circle. Next make another profile, intersecting it with the first profile. The profiles can be similar; however, to make a unique shape try using a different type of profile like a circle and a triangle. Use the pointer to click on one surface of one of the profiles, and then using the “follow me” tool click the other surface to begin making a shape. To exaggerate, a circle and triangle will make a cone; two circles a sphere, to rectangles a cube. To make a unique shape try using the “follow me” tool without first clicking the surface of any profile, try to use an angled profile intersecting with a surface oriented profile.

To make a unique shape you essentially need to make two profiles and simply use the “follow me” tool. The “follow me” tool is very powerful, after guiding the mouse through the screen you can come up with very unique shapes and make virtually anything. I strongly recommend using this on any project done in SketchUp8.

How to make Unique Shapes in Google SketchUp8

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