A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Hello Folks! The Christmas is approaching nearby and all are in festive mood. Due to some technical problems our publication has been delayed to some extent. We are publishing the October issue of sketchup-ur-space magazine. The number of subscribers to our magazine is increasing at an alarming rate. We are also getting huge likes for the social media pages of our magazine. This gives us strength to make our magazine more appealing to the worldwide Sketchup users.

We know the sketchup is a most useful tool for architects. It can facilitate the architects from the initial stages of schematic design to the completion of construction administration. With the layout features, the architects can illustrate plans, elevations, sections, details, specifications, title blocks as well as other graphics. In this issue, we are presenting a cover story focusing on some other most recognized web based applications expect Sketchup which provides huge benefits to architects to present their ideas in the real world. The cover story is written by James Taylor-Foster, President of the Manchester Student Society of Architecture and a Contributing Editor at ArchDaily.

In interview section, the team of sketchup ur space has arranged an interview with Adriana Granados, well known independent writer and author of Google Sketchup for Interior Design and Space Planning. In this interview, Adriana Granados explains briefly how she gets hooked with Sketchup and selects it as her favorite topic for writing several books. She also analyzes how Sketchup is useful for interior design and space planning.

The article section of the magazine is enriched with two informative articles. The first one is written by Andrew Campbell and Mark Lancelott and the second is written by Andrew Campbell. Andrew Campbell is a Director of Ashridge Business School in the UK and runs executive courses such as Designing Operating Models and Advanced Organization Design. He has written more than 10 books on business strategy and organization. In the first article Mr. Campbell describes how strategic planning plays an important role for an architect. In the second article the readers can learn how to transform business strategy into design principles by explaining capabilities.

In tutorial section there are three exclusive tutorials. The first tutorial is created by Mark Lester Ocampo, the most promising Designer / 3D Visualizer from Bahrain. In this tutorial Mark shows how he applies Sketchup, 3dsMax+Vray & Photoshop to make modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering of a kitchen.

In the second tutorial Furloy describes step-by-step processes for making a 3D model of a halfpipe with Sketchup.

In the last and final tutorial James Meier presents an exclusive video tutorial demonstrating how to create shapes in Sketchup 8 by applying ‘follow me’ tool.

In blog section the team of team of sketchup ur space, has provided an exclusive presentation on sketchup and augmented reality. Besides, there will be another write up on Sefaira sketchup plugin and how it helps architect to make real-time energy analysis as well as high performance building design.

In blog section E-on Software provides an unique press release highlighting the immediate avalability of Vue 2014 xStream and Infinite, the latest and greatest generation of Vue products for CG Professionals. In news section our readers can some exciting news on Sketchup and other latest 3d modeling softwares.

Hope our readers will enjoy this issue as usual.

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Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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