A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Hello friends!

We are overwhelmed to experience increased subscribers for our magazine. Presently we have more than 25,000+ subscribers from different parts of the world. So we get encouraged to publish another fabulous issue of our magazine.

The most striking news for the SketchUp community is the arrival of SketchUp 2013 by Trimble.

SketchUp 2013 has come up with some significant improvements. Trimble have made Layout more commanding and made an ecosystem which facilitate worldwide SketchUp modelers to get and apply the plugins, add-ons and extensions according to their choice. Other crucial improvements are - An extension warehouse for SketchUp ruby plugin to explore, download and install plugin from within SketchUp and A customizable toolbars interface for windows.

The free version of SketchUp has been rebranded with SketchUp Make and the paid version will be recognized as SketchUp Pro 2013.

The SketchUp users can download the SketchUp Pro 2013 and SketchUp Make from the SketchUp site.

In the news section of the magazine, our readers will get more details on SketchUp 2013.

The present theme of the magazine is “SketchUp Drawing and Design Toolbars”. In this respect the team of SketchUp-ur-space has presented an informative cover story focusing on how to apply various drawing and design tools inside SketchUp effectively to make the work process simple for 3d modelers and achieve preciseness with SketchUp.

In interview section the SketchUp-ur-space team has interviewed Jean-Luc Clauss, the most recognized SketchUp trainer, architect, author of SketchUp 8 Pro and Free version.

In tutorial section, our readers will get various tutorials like Adobe Photoshop and Google SketchUp - Quick tips for making background/How to add objects in a SketchUp model from 3D warehouse/How to make a fur material in V-ray for SketchUp/Modeling for Google Earth: 13 Advanced Photoshop techniques.

In article section the enterprise architect from Vietnam has presented two educational articles focusing on ‘Google SketchUp - Accelerate the Learning Curve’ and ‘Utilization and application of various tools in SketchUp’.

In another article, Imran Ashraf from Pakistan has presented a short but useful tutorial focusing on how to utilize SketchUp for tent modeling.

In blog section there will be an update for the newly launched SketchUp v-ray 1.6 from Chaos Group/How to apply push/pull tool in SketchUp and SketchUp training classes conducted by Trimble.

In plugin review section our readers will come to know about the latest plugin of SketchUp called as Hirsch3D SketchUp plug-in.

In news section our readers will get updated with some newly launched SketchUp plugins and latest happenings in SketchUp.

Hope our readers will enjoy this issue and provide their valuable feedback for more up-gradation of the magazine.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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