A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Hello friends!

SketchUp ur space has completed a long journey for the sake of SketchUp lovers and a long way is to be covered. Our task becomes very difficult day by day. We have to make our magazine more attractive and more informative. Keeping this in mind we have just launched another cool issue of SketchUp-ur-space.

The theme of the current issue is based on “SketchUp Shortcuts”. The team of SketchUp-ur-space has written an interesting cover story focusing on some useful tricks to enhance the speed of your 3D drawing process. The readers will come to know some useful shortcut keys for SketchUp.

In interview section, we have presented an exclusive interview with Paul Lee, Virtual Architect & Managing Director at Viewsion Virtual Environments. In this interview Mr. Lee has explained his passion for SketchUp and how it helps him to become a successful architecture.

In article section, Damian Keeley, renowned architect and 3D visualize from UK, has written a informative article focusing on step by step process to create a 3d model of a wheel with SketchUp.

In tutorial category, Andrew Alexander, a promising CAD Designer from Vancouver, BC area, provides an useful tutorial about making flowing surfaces without using plugins.

There will be another exclusive tutorial on how to render night scene with SketchUp and vray plugin.

In blog category, Jim Leggit, the well known architect, urban planner and professional illustrator, has shown “how to a turn a hand drawing into a night scene applying Photoshop and a couple of very quick digital modifications”.

In news and plugin categories there will updates on newly launched SketchUp plugins and other 3D texture tools like SU Solid, Raylectron SketchyMesh, Raylectron Textures Exporter, PixPlant, etc. useful for 3D modeling.

Hope our readers will enjoy this issue as usual. Please provide your valuable feedbacks for more improvements of our magazine.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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