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Sketchup-ur-space Magazine - June 14

Author : Belen Fernandez Franca

The creation of an Innovative Didactic resource with SketchUp

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The catalogue is divided into seven chapters that are: Superficial Foundations, Deep Foundations, Vertical Structural Elements, Horizontal Structural Elements, Partitions, Frontages and Roofs.

The 50 construction details that make up this catalogue I made personally with Google SketchUp Pro 8. The following images is a small example of some of them.

Encounter metal and concrete pillar Glass frontagee

Encounter metal and concrete pillar

Glass frontagee

Isolated footings Deep foundations

Isolated footings

Deep foundations

Partitioned brick wall Concrete ceramic roof

Partitioned brick wall

Concrete ceramic roof

The selection of this software has been been a key element to the success of this project. Planning was very limited due to a non-existent budget. Thanks to the close relationship SketchUp maintains with the Educational World, its partner in Spain “Íscar Software de Arquitectura S.L” provided me an educational license with which to develop my project.

Needless to say, that the power and speed that SketchUp drawing offers us is truly outstanding. Only using this software I created a database of about 50 items in record time, compatible with other media elements and with good graphic quality. From here I would like to take the opportunity to truly thank the SketchUp team, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, to Íscar Software de Arquitectura S.L., and to Sketchup-ur-space with the trust they showed me and the support within the Education World.

This catalogue is intended to be a living element that should adapt to new technologies and laws that are will come about during the course of time. Unfortunately at the moment, it may not be possible due to the lack of financing that the crisis the country is suffering. I take this space to make a call to all people who may be interested in collaborating and get involved in this project.

Belén Fernandez Franca - Trimble SketchUp Authorized Trainer

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