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PolicyPak Locks Down Settings in Google Sketchup

PolicyPak Software, a leader in desktop management and Group Policy, recently released a management Pak for Google Sketchup.

The new pre-configured Sketchup Pak allows IT admins to fully lock down users’ applications so users can’t alter their settings. Admins can disable user application updates for Google Sketchup so everything is admin controlled. Additionally, the Pak allows admins to enforce an “Auto-Save” feature so users don’t call the help desk with complains about losing work that wasn’t saved. More information and video about the features of the Google Sketchup Pak can be found on the PolicyPak website.

IT Admins can try out the PolicyPak software for free by attending a Group Policy Webinar at the PolicyPak Website, or by calling (800) 883-8002.

PolicyPak can deliver settings using Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy, Microsoft SCCM, Dell KACE, or any other management tool.

Jeremy Moskowitz, founder of PolicyPak Software, talks about the need for PolicyPak when using Google Sketchup by saying, “Your organization can’t afford to have users waiting on the help desk, which is why you can’t afford to put your users in charge of the administration of this or any application.”

PolicyPak Professional customers have free access to the Google Sketchup Pak, in addition to over 50 other pre-configured Paks. Some of the most popular applications offer up solutions for Java, Flash, Firefox and Shockwave. Security options are also available for less popular applications and custom homegrown applications with the PolicyPak Design Studio.

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