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InfiniteSkills Release "Learning SketchUp Tutorial" A Comprehensive Training Guide to Mastering This Intuitive 3D Modeling Program

Software training firm InfiniteSkills Inc. this week introduced its "Learning SketchUp Tutorial," a course designed to assist beginners and experienced users to maximize the capabilities of the user-friendly 3D modeling program.

SketchUp is a 3D modeling program with a wide range of applications in architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, and video game design. Among the range of available 3D modeling programs, SketchUp's design emphasizes ease of use along with an online community known as 3D Warehouse where designers share models free of charge.

InfiniteSkills' Learning SketchUp Training Video - DVD can serve as a quick start guide for new users or help experienced SketchUp designers fine-tune their understanding of the subtleties and complexities of SketchUp tools and techniques.

Learning SketchUp Training Video

Course author Scott Onstott is a design consultant, former university lecturer, and independent video producer with more than 15 years' experience writing and teaching video courses on design visualization and image-manipulation software. He is the author of eleven books including AutoCAD 2013 Essentials, Photoshop CS6 Essentials, Enhancing Architectural Drawings and Models with Photoshop, and more.

Onstott's clear and concise teaching style is perfect for guiding users efficiently through SketchUp's powerful tools. Student's will learn tips and techniques gathered from his years of experience, and be able to apply them immediately into a SketchUp workflow.

"SketchUp is so intuitive that it is actually fun to use," Onstott says. "Although it is easy to learn the basics, mastering SketchUp's subtleties and complexities takes a bit more time and attention, and that is where the course is really designed to help students."

After beginning with an overview of the SketchUp user interface, Onstott helps users customize their workspace, and explains the powerful third-party plug-in capabilities of Ruby Scripts. He then goes in depth with SketchUp tools for viewing, editing, layering, and contextualizing your models, before going into the same level of detail with drawing tools.

The course covers everything users need to know for topics like mastering surfaces and edges, designing architectural models, and more, with closing chapters covering final publishing, including presentation, color control, and importing and exporting procedures.

Free demo videos and a full list of course contents can be found on the Learning SketchUp training page of the InfiniteSkills website:

InfiniteSkills offers its Learning SketchUp Training Tutorial either as a DVD or a direct download from the company website at a retail price of $49.95. All titles and formats are compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Shipping is available around the globe. Additionally, InfiniteSkills tutorials are supported by project files which correspond to examples in the videos, allowing users to work alongside experienced instructors right on their computer or iPad.

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