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In this issue we focus on sketchup attribute. In this regard the team of sketchup ur space has presented an exclusive full length cover story.

Any sketchup model can have attributes. An attribute is characterized by a name/value pair which cannot be accessed without a UI. The Ruby Script facilitates any selectable object to control it’s attribute dictionary as well as name/value pair.

The AttributeDictionary class is utilized to add random collections of attributes to a SketchUp entity. An Entity or Model object can contain any number of AttributeDictionaries. The Entity class denotes a accepted parent class in SketchUp and the users will be able to affix AttributeDictionaries to more or less anything that range from geometric items similar to edges and faces and components to more conceptual items resembling pages or materials.

In the article section Arpad Varga, a software developer from Hungary, who applies sketchup for data representation and analysis purpose, has presented an unique article focusing on how to create import mechanisms inside of Sketchup, with the help of Ruby scripting.

In another article Irmin Verstappen, an independent from Belgium, shows how he applies sketchup to create a stunning bedroom without post processing in photoshop.

In the tutorial section Bharath Musunuri, the most promising architect and 3d visualize, has focused on how sketchup is essential for an architect. In another tutorial Myren June E. Purificacion, the budding Architectural Designer / 3D Visualizer has shown the creation of a JAS bedroom interior by applying sketchup 2013, vray 1.6 beta and photoshop CC.

In news section the readers will get the most updated information about several newly launched sketchup plugins.

How our readers will enjoy this issue to a great extent.

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