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Author : Vo Cattien

How to 1 NPR with SketchUp

To make 1 NPR is not hard work, today I'll show you how I made 1 files NPR. First you open your SketchUp file and select your favorite scene corner and saw the most beautiful. Go to File => Export => 2D Graphic ... => Export and save JPEG images.

Then select the style and features of :)

Next, you open your first photo of the PS. Adding trees and grass revised map it more vivid. Save the image file after PS adjustment.

Use FotoSketcher to turn it into water color :)

Open PS, adding definition to highlight the works.

Choose the Multiply blend mode. If you see too bold, can reduce the opacity.

Create a new layer named Colour.

Select a color to blend colors and brushes used.

After blending colors you choose blend mode to Overlay and reduce the Opacity down :)

Continue to create new Layer 2 Colour name.

Choose white to create fog.

Using paint brush, select Overlay to blend.

And here is my work: D

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