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Author : Jhumur Nandi

Sketchup with Del Monte

Students were invited to showcase their artistic skills by sketching with the four flavours of Del Monte.

Food meets art at Del Monte's unique engagement initiative, interestingly called Sketchup contest. Through the activity, the processed food and beverages brand gives consumers a chance to discover the artist in them with the help of Del Monte's colourful and delicious range of sauces.

In Delhi, the Sketchup contest was executed on August 23 at the Hindu College campus, wherein the Del Monte team invited students to showcase their artistic skills by sketching using the four flavours (and thus, the four colours) of Del Monte. The students were free to draw anything of their choice. The images of the sketches were uploaded on the World Foody page on Facebook. The picture with maximum number of Likes will get to win laptops and smartphones.

The contest aims to connect with consumers, enabling them to showcase interesting pieces of art drawn using Del Monte sauces such as Tomato Ketchup, Zingo, Twango and Mustard Now. The artwork entries featured imaginative designs such as ketchup gardens and cartoon characters, among others.

Speaking about the initiative, Yogesh Bellani, chief operating officer, FieldFresh Foods, says, "Innovation is the hallmark of our brand. Sketchup is a first of its kind initiative to innovatively engage with the youth who are key influencers in the ketchup and sauces category. This is to unleash their imagination in a creative manner and bring them closer to brand Del Monte. The contest provides a platform to food lovers to blend their love for food with art in a fun-filled manner."

As part of Del Monte's key consumer connect initiatives, Sketchup started in mid-August in Bengaluru and will run till the first week of September. The activity will also cover Mumbai.

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