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Author : Andy Cers - Design Director Ellerbe Becket, Minneapolis

SketchUp Pro for Landscape Architecture

SketchUp Pro is software for creating and presenting professional 3D models. Landscape Architecture firms use SketchUp Pro to quickly and effectively communicate 3D ideas and information, enhancing collaboration, reducing inefficiencies and solving design problems.

"As a senior level designer, I just don't have the time in my day to fully learn and effectively use complex 3D CAD tools. SketchUp has allowed me to intuitively and quickly create fully 3D preliminary design studies in a very short time period. I find it to be an ideal front-end design tool."

Visit the Landscape Architecture image gallery and check out some case studies from Landscape Architecture customers.

Use SketchUp Pro for:

  • Creating endless iterations while meeting tight deadlines
  • Adding live section cuts to produce dynamic plans and sections
  • Creating and modifying 3D terrain with the Sandbox tools
  • Creating 3D walk-through animations
  • Real-time shadow studies and line-of-sight analysis
  • Creating hi-resolution printouts and digital presentations with LayOut
  • Accessing the world's biggest repository of entourage objects such as trees, vehicles, figures - all for free
  • Placing a building in its real-world context in Google Earth

You can purchase a SketchUp Pro license for $495 through our online store.

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