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Novedge Webinar Series 54: Creating Better Renderings for Client Presentations with iRender nXt

How to use SketchUp and IRender nXt to produce photorealistic renderings from 3D designs. Learn the work flow for creating a full set of interior and exterior, daytime and night-time renderings of 3D designs for client presentations. We will start with basic rendering settings and lights, then move on to advanced concepts such as using lighting channels to balance light sources and create dynamic, well-lit scenes.

Who is presenting:

Al Hart, of Render Plus Systems, has been developing and interfacing rendering software on PCs for more than 20 years. Al has been a long time advocate of SketchUp and contributor to the SketchUp design community.

Who should attend:

The Webinar will be geared to beginning users, particularly architects and builders, who want to design with SketchUp and create photorealistic renderings for better client presentations.

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