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Author : Marcin Rybak, Archimodes

LumenRT is a gate to a new World of emotions! Architecture is all about emotions

Marcin Rybak is a Polish Designer and Architect with over 14 years of experience in this industry. In this interview he explains how LumenRT revolutionized his approach to Architecture, and helped him sell his designs faster and more effectively.

About LumenRT

E-on: How did you learn about LumenRT, and why did you choose it over any other 3D application?

I use SketchUP in my every day design job, so LumenRT seemed to be a friendly and natural extension. I know there are other competing solutions on the market, but SketchUP's strength is that it's very intuitive, and LumenRT follows the same philosophy, and that's what sold me to LumenRT!

The most important thing for an Architect is to find the magical software that can translate his imagination into designs he may show to his clients. Plus two fundamental factors: time and cost; you need to do this fast and at an affordable price.

LumenRT's ease of use is also a very important thing. Architecture is all about comprehending space. People can "feel" the space thanks to light. LumenRT has the most advanced lighting technology I know – models looks just like in the real world. That is the key!

LumenRT is the package I was looking for. User friendly, minimum effort – maximum effect. For Architect Designers like myself, LumenRT is the secret weapon that helps convincing my clients. Seeing is believing. There is no: "maybe", "I need to think about it" or "I am not sure". Their feedback instantaneous and is as simple as yes or no.

E-on: What is your feeling about the idea of using LumenRT LiveCubes to allow your clients to navigate and explore designs?

This is another killer feature. This is where magic starts.

E-on: What kind of improvements/additions would you like to see in LumenRT?

Animated sky, wind effect, dust, birds on the sky, people walking, waves, 3D connexion support*.

*Editor's note: This interview was conducted prior to the release of LumenRT 3, which now includes animated content such as trees swaying in the breeze, flying birds, animated characters and animals and a lot more. More information available here.

This particular project is called "Virtual Walk" and was created to show my clients the infinite possibilities of LumenRT.

LumenRT is a gate to a new World of emotions! Architecture is all about emotions.

As I said, seeing is believing. If you manage to make your client connect with your designs through emotions, you are the winner.

Another aspect worth mentioning is cost. Commonly, Designers try to gain new clients by physically building show apartments. This has always been pretty expensive. And once it is built, there is no design options to show. LumenRT gives us the possibility to present not only one specific configuration set in stone, but as many as the client will request, including variations in style and design.

The Virtual Walk scene was created in 3 days: one day for design and modeling, the second day for texturing and final touches, and the last day to generate several animations and visuals.

In short, the technology behind LumenRT gives us the possibility to create show homes or apartments without the need of physically building it. It is a much cheaper process, and much more effective since its allows for many design options.

About Marcin Rybak

E-on: Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I am a Polish architect with fourteen years of experience within different aspects and across many sectors of this profession.

I have been working for the residential market for almost nine years. During this period, I've designed more than 1000 apartments in 5 housing complexes. I have also designed many car service stations, showrooms and have also done a lot of interior design.

I currently work mainly for the Oil and Gas industry, and have just completed the third strategic high pressure gas pipeline across Poland.

My passion for Design has grown alongside my experience in artistic and architectural drawing. Visualization and animation is something I really enjoy since I became involved in 3D design and visualization back in 2009.

At the moment, I also teach Design, Perspective Drawing and Interior Design courses.

Parallel to my activity as an architect for major infrastructure projects, I also lead a small group - design oriented, called Archimodes.

This is the place where my passion for unique designs and new trends in Architecture is highly valued. For us, there's an intrinsic link between Architecture and Humanity's place in the universe, the place where men will fulfil their dreams and their needs. We do not follow any style or trend. Our Designs are always Human oriented, there is no such a thing we can call "our style".

The best description of our projects direction is "Genius Loci - the protective spirit of a place". Every place has its own history and meaning. Our goal is to understand how a place and Man will coexist, and Architecture is our answer to this.

Learn more about Archimodes at

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