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Raylectron Render, photorealistic 3D rendering plugin for Trimble

Component and Group instancing is another unique feature of Raylectron for Sketchup which allow you to duplicate any component or group without actually duplicating that group or component. As you know, if you have a high-poly tree for example, and duplicate it several hundred times, you may run out of memory, and, Sketchup will crawl and become almost non-responsive. Using instancing solves this problem. Each instance of the original are replaced by a bounding box which, at render time, will be converted to the original. Using instancing, you can now render a forest made of several hundred of trees, or even thousands of them. Instancing works with any group and component, not just trees. It can be a house, grass patch (to make a huge grass land), cars, people, you name it. Whatever you like.


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