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Hello friends!

Hello Folk! The SketchUp-ur-space has successfully completed its two years. We would like to provide our heartiest gratitude to all our columnists who manage their valuable times out of their busy schedule to share their write ups with our magazine. If you go through the columnists section you will see some notable SketchUp professionals from all over the world have contributed their write ups for our magazine. We also welcome newbie SketchUp architects, designers, modelers, and artists etc. who will find our magazine right place to showcase their work. They will be able to introduce themselves to the huge communities of SketchUp users who are the regular readers of our magazine.

After acquisition of SketchUp by Trimble, we hoped that there would be more advance features included in SketchUp in near future but we did not find any type of remarkable improvements in SketchUp. We are hopeful that SketchUp will bring more innovations into its application in near future.

The present theme of our magazine is “SketchUp for Film & Stage”. The team of SketchUp ur space has written an informative cover story on this and I think this will be very useful for film professionals who utilize SketchUp in their set/storyboard designing, visualization and planning shots.

Some renowned production designers, set designers, art directors like Randy Wilkins, Jim Bissell, James Bissell, Alan Hook, Ken MacLeod, Claudio Cosentino have utilized SketchUp successfully for their projects.

In our guest article section, apart from a exclusive article on “ Designing Kitchen with SketchUp” presented by Adriana Granados, there are other two articles presented by Jhin Tabuzo, a renowned architect and warunyoo songkran, a experienced 3D modeler. In these articles they share their own story working with SketchUp.

In our tutorial section the readers will get an interesting tutorial on “Making of Proweaver Headquarters with SketchUp” by Eugene Yusuke. There are also some other tutorials like Drawing gears in SketchUp by Richard and Making Rotational Portrait Sculptures from Silhouettes for 3D Printing by Alex Schreyer.

In our general news section the readers will get latest updates and recent happenings of the SketchUp industry.

Hope our readers will like this publication of SketchUp ur Space. We will welcome some helpful feedback from our readers.

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Rajib Dey
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