A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Hello Folks! There are so many things change in the month. Much news catches our attention but the most attractive news for the SketchUp community. And the news is that SketchUp has been sold to Trimble. So what next? The end of our favorite tool or a new beginning? Hope that we will get finest form of 3D designing from Trimble.

So what else would be the cover story for this month? Except the acquisition story of SketchUp. So we go delve into the matter and find out the real story behind this event. Hope that you will like our initiative and let us know what your reaction into this matter is. We are trying to have a picture of the reaction of the SketchUp community. So we ask many of them regarding their reaction to this matter. We compile the comments and present to you to get the present state of mind of the SketchUp community.

Apart from this, we are presenting here the blog of Jim Leggitt on Merging SketchUp, Digital Drawing and Prismacolors! It is a great piece from where you can enhance the level of your SketchUp style. Alexandre "abav" Villares continues his tutorial to draw a perfect stair in SketchUp in the write up named 'Create an "open riser" stair!' we are presenting you the "Chaos Group Interview with Digital Domain: Blake Sweeney on Real Steel" in which can see how Digital Domain has used Vray to achieve the photo realistic rendering in the movie Real Steel.

Hope that you will like this publication of Sketchup ur Space. We will love to hear feedback from you. Please send me your views
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Debarati Nath
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