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Hello Folks! We are once again bringing to you another spectacular issue of Sketchup ur Space. We want to apologies for the disturbance on our site. Due to some internal problem and maintenance our site was down for some day. We were trying our level best to give you the best service in SketchUp. I apologize on behalf of the Sketchup ur Space team for the trouble you had faced to access the magazine. Hope that in future you will never face any such problem.

In this time of early spring your creativity must have been charged up. So take chance of this and create some plug ins with the help of Ruby Scripts to give more power to SketchUp. For this March issue we are focusing on the Ruby Scripts for Google SketchUp. You can create customized plugin for your 3D models with its help. So don’t waste your time. Try to do something new in Google SketchUp and don’t forget to share it with us.

Apart from this topic there are much more subjects on the March issue of SketchUp ur Space which will arouse your interest on SketchUp. Thomas Thomassen aka Thom Thom shares with us some nice tips for the plugin developers for Google SketchUp. Hussain Fadlallah shows how to enhane the responsiveness of your model. Jeferson Olortegui Lopez tells us his story with SketchUp. Klara Theresya teaches us how to 3d curving in Google SketchUp. Jim Leggitt was not only shows some style in the blog, here we have a cordial chit chat with him on SketchUp some other things.


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