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Next Limit Technologies Releases Maxwell Render Suite 2.7


Madrid, Spain, 14th June 2012

Next Limit Technologies Releases Maxwell Render Suite 2.7

Next Limit Technologies is delighted to announce the release of Maxwell Render Suite version 2.7.

This is a FREE update for Maxwell Render Version 2 customers and includes a whole host of additions, improvements and fixes, making Maxwell Render faster and more robust than ever!

Maxwell Grass

Version 2.7 brings you Maxwell Grass- a new grass generator which allows you to quickly create grass on a selected piece of geometry. Designed to offer maximum control over the look of the grass- from impeccable detail on close up shots to fast-rendering further away from the camera. And it's compatible with Maxwell Studio and almost all supported plugins

So what else is new in 2.7?

  • MXI/MXS compression: File sizes up to 4x smaller with the new compression system for MXI files, especially when using additional render channels.
  • A new 3d vectorial displacement type for RealFlow displacement

And that's just the highlights! For a full list of additions, bug fixes and improvements please see the release notes in our online support center.

Maxwell Render Suite 2.7 provides a complete solution for those who want maximum image quality combined with efficiency and control. Maxwell Render Suite includes a series of standalone tools for Windows, Mac and Linux and FREE plugins for more than 15 CAD/3D and post production platforms.

For more product information please visit the Maxwell Render Suite product page

About Maxwell Render:

Maxwell Render, a landmark in next generation rendering.

At Next Limit Technologies, we are serious about simulating reality. When we started the Maxwell Render project we took a simple but strong commitment: to be strictly loyal to the physics of light. This turned out to be our best decision ever. Maxwell Render emerged from pure physics algorithms that treat light and its interaction with objects like in the real world. Our engineers have continuously rejected the use of tricks and shortcuts that could sacrifice quality or add artificial settings. That's why Maxwell Render is unique and that's why we love it.

The release of Maxwell Render Suite 2.7 continues Next Limit´s strategy to build on Maxwell Render's position as the leader in render quality by adding new and innovative solutions to improve the workflow, speed and efficiency. For more information please visit our webpage:

Next Limit Technologies was founded in 1998 and their corporate headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. They have gained a worldwide reputation for the quality and power of their software simulation tools.

Full details are available from

For further information please contact Jenny Fermor at

All the best, the Maxwell Render Team

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