A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Hello friends!

The Christmas is knocking at our door step and we are in festive mood. In order to make the Christmas event more colorful we are going to publish a special issue of SketchUp ur space magazine. We have observed lots of improvements and happenings with SketchUp in 2012. We highlight these changes in our current magazine. The team of SketchUp ur space has presented an exclusive cover story focusing on “Review of SketchUp in 2012”. In this issue we specially highlight on numerous new plug-in for SketchUp which were released in 2012.

Besides plug-in, there will be an exclusive candid interview with Claudio Cosentino, the most talented Italian production designer & art director who work successfully for many renowned holly wood films like Dracula 3D, forever blues, the tomb, Cannibal World etc.

In article section the reader will find a unique article presented by Shivam Bordoloi, a budding civil engineering and CAD designer. Shivam works at SketchUp artists and in this article he explains how he utilized SketchUp all through his professional life. There will be another article presented by Andrew Alexander, renowned 3D modeler. In this article Andrew has explained the detailed process on how he created some stunning 3D models.

In blog section the readers will get an informative write up on the recently published book on “Remodeling with SketchUp” by Mike Tadros. In this book Mike Tadros, The principal and co-founder of Igloo Studios presents his view on the essential first step of your remodeling project with SketchUp.

In tutorial section the readers will find a wide array of good tutorials presented by Riocee Adona. In this tutorial Riocee explains how he created black and white living room with SketchUp. Tutorial presented by Bernard Dhaussy on how to realize a complex surface with SketchUp. Another tutorial by Nguyen Ngoc Phuc which shows you how to render with SketchUp and Podium. The last one presented by Dexter Thaddeus Esmeria on SketchUp Modeling Series 9 - Santa Sleigh.

We have also added some exiting video tutorials on SketchUp. In plug review section we have added some upcoming SketchUp plug-in.

The journey of SketchUp in 2012 had been a sweet memory for SketchUp lovers. For the foreseeable future we also expect to see the same capabilities, functions and services within SketchUp. We also promise that we will also share the enhancements in SketchUp in 2013 and make it easier for our readers to get the information through our magazine in a more initiative way.

Hope our readers will enjoy the special Christmas issue.

"Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new,
Lets cherish each moment it beholds,
Lets celebrate this blissful New year."

"MERRY X-mas"

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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