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Hello Friends! Hope that you will have a great Easter celebration. How many candy baskets did you get? I want to know about all the fun and excitement. Please send me your story of Easter.

On the note of this celebration we are here with our April issue of Sketchup ur Space. This time we are focusing on the ultimate guide of learning SketchUp and to enhance our skill. The toughest job of SketchUp has become easy with the help of the tutorials. It is the step by step guidelines of a process of modeling or rendering to attain the perfection of the 3D modeling. So a render is the friend, philosopher and guide in true sense. That’s why we are trying to concentrate on this inevitable part of SketchUp by which you will get flawless 3D model.

In the April issue of Sketchup ur Space, there are much more surprising for you. Virgo Oktaviano shows his skill in the making of warm corner. We are introduced Alexandre “abav” Villares from this edition as our regular guest columnist. He is joining the league of Jim Leggitt and Nomer Adona. His first gift for us is the tutorial “Draw a stair using the ‘multiple copies’ feature!” Hope that you will love his input like our previous articles. Jim Leggitt shows his unmatchable style in SketchUp Digital Watercolor - Science Atrium. And Nomer Adona’s column in Tips and Tricks category deals with Tutorial: Visualisation Composition Series #1 Rule of Thirds.


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