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Author : Elizabeth Maartens

Free SketchUp Screen Recorder

SketchUp is an awesome program for creating 3D models and buildings. Whether you want to create a speed art video, or share some tips in a tutorial, screen recording SketchUp has never been as easy as it is now – thanks to Ezvid.

To get started, go to to download and install Ezvid for free. Once installed, open Ezvid and click the “Capture Screen” button. After the countdown, Ezvid will be recording your screen. You can now launch SketchUp and start creating. When you’re done, just click the stop button.

Ezvid will automatically render your screen recording into the timeline where you can edit your video. If you’re making a speed art video, right click your video in the timeline, hover over speed, and choose the speed you want your video to play in. When you’re done, you can easily upload your video to YouTube with the click of a button.

It’s that easy! To start making your own SketchUp videos, visit to download Ezvid for free today.


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