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Interview with Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas

Interviewer : Rajib Dey

Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas, the most promising architectural designer cum visualizer. Jonathan completed his Architecture degree at Tarlac State University "TSU".

Hello Jonathan! Welcome to the space of SketchUp-ur-space. Provide a brief description of yourself.

Thank you SketchUp-ur-space for this interview. My friends call me Jonas. I am living in Victoria, Tarlac. I studied Bachelor of Science in Architecture at Tarlac State University, now i work as an Architectural designer and visualizer in Maestro de Obras. Visualization is my passion. I used sketchup in modeling, vray for sketchup for rendering and photoshop in post processing.

You work as an architectural designer cum visualizer in "Maes+ro de Obras", a design and build firm. Tell us something about your organization.

We see and regard every design problem as an OPPORTUNITY – an opportunity to create, serve, and take part in enriching a person’s life. This is our philosophy. Our exposure and experiences in the fields of architecture and arts are reinforced by our sheer enthusiasm and dedication in these domains. Everyone in our team remains closely involved in turning each and every opportunity into both tangible and non-tangible creations. To achieve the highest standards in the end, we at Maestro de Obras Co. do take these opportunities seriously.

sketchup-rendering-by-Jonathan-Pagaduan-Ignas 2

I first discover Sketchup when i was college. That time the version i used was sketchup6.

sketchup-rendering-by-Jonathan-Pagaduan-Ignas 3

When you first discover SketchUp in your professional life?

Why SketchUp is so important for 3D visualization?

I agree, using Sketchup for 3d visualization makes the work easy. Sketchup is a user friendly software.

What is your most favorite project that was completed with SketchUp?

My favorite project was my very first project in school.that was in 3rd year college. That was my first time to used sketchup.

sketchup-rendering-by-Jonathan-Pagaduan-Ignas 4

Explain the nature of projects you generally deal with

I used a lot Sketchup in every project. i can create 2d to 3d presentation, Plans, details etc.

Architectural visualization is your passion. How do you utilize SketchUp in architectural planning and designing, 3d modelling, 3d visualization etc.

Yes, using sketchup, i can create architectural plans with different styles, modelling is much easier than other software, and by the use of rendering engine like vray for sketchup, 3d visualization is an easy task.

You have expertise for exterior rendering with SketchUp. How do you utilize SketchUp for exterior rendering?

It take a lot of studying and practice to achieve a good render, sketchup is a big help for me in modelling and visualization. a good model makes a nice render.

sketchup-rendering-by-Jonathan-Pagaduan-Ignas 5

Who are your inspirations in the 3D visualization field and why?

In 3d visualization,I admire many visualizers in different aspects. because I learned from their different techniques in visualizations. One of my inspirations in this field is nomeradona. I want to thank him for producing such good tutorials, settings, materials, etc regarding SkecthUp and Vray for SketchUp; and the man whom they call Zdesign (Mr. Zernan Suarez) who is known for his outstanding renders in the world of visualization.

How do you combine SketchUp and v-ray for architectural visualization?

I use Skechup for modelling, then for rendering, vray for sketchup is my rendering engine. this is my combination to create a 3d visualization.

You are a tutorial writer, designer and visualizer. How do manage all these things at a time?

I created a blogsite ( for my exterior and interior render, Sketchup and Vray for sketchup tutorials, photoshop tutorial, etc. i believe in this saying “It’s better to do the right thing slowly than the wrong thing quickly.” :)

sketchup-rendering-by-Jonathan-Pagaduan-Ignas 6

What kind of developments would you like to recommend for SketchUp in near future.

I would like to thank Sketchup for being a easy to use and user friendly software specially in my field of architectural 3d visualization. I think Sketchup gives all what i need. For me, developments of this software in the future is a bonus to all users.

Please provide your valuable suggestions for newbie designers on SketchUp.

Sketchup is a user friendly software specially to newbie designers. Be patient in everything you do. Enjoy exploring new things. Learn to share, help your colleagues and follow your passion. It’s not bad to copy some techniques form other visualizers for reference, but it’s better to be original with your own style. Remember, visualization is an ocean of imagination. Don’t stop learning, practice and practice,

Please provide your feedback on the SketchUp-ur-space magazine.

I would like to thank SketchUp-ur-space magazine for this once in a life oppurtunity. continue with your good work guys.

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