A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Hello friends!

After the successful publication of September issue, we are going to publish the next issue of sketchup ur space. In the previous issue the article “Terrain Modeling with sketchup” by Daniel Tal got huge appreciations. In the upcoming issue we also provide some exclusive articles written by some renowned sketchup professionals.

We always put our earnest endeavor to arrange the contents of the magazine in a best possible and befitting manner. Let me express my compliments to all the writers of our magazine for standing behind us with their lively support in a way making the magazine a grand success.

I am gratified to all our honorable columnist and guest writers who had given their valuable time out of their busy schedule to our magazine.

In the upcoming issue the readers will find some elite articles like clues for practical drawing useful for designing, projects or artistic work with sketchup presented by Evrim PEKASLAN, a recognized architect from Turkey. A article by Claudio Cosentino who uses Sketchup Pro 8 in creating different locations in Dracula 3D film. A article on how to create a fireplace with sketchup solid tools presented by Adriana Grandos, an independent writer and author of Google Sketchup for Interior Design and Space Planning. Another good article focusing on how to make construction documents using Sketchup Pro and layout provided by Paul Lee, a renowned architect.

Besides some sketchup users like Bharat Munsuri, a budding architect, has shared his experience on how he utilized sketchup in his professional life.

The readers will also get wonderful tutorials shared by some reputed sketchup modelers and designers. The readers will come to know some late-breaking news and latest happenings on sketchup.

The present theme of the magazine is “how sketchup facilitates woodworking process”. The sketchup ur space team has presented an informative cover story focusing different aspects of sketchup for wood workers.

Hope our readers will also like this issue. I request all the readers to provide their feedbacks and suggestions to improve the quality of our magazine.

With best wishes and warm regards.

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Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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