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Author : EdA Castro

My Story with Sketchup


Good day!

I am Edward Domingo A. Castro, an Interior DesignAssistant froman award winning company in Hong Kong.

Before, I use AutoCAD as my primary software in producing 2d plans and 3d models. Way back in 2006, I downloaded the free demo version (owned by @Last) of SketchUp. After some actual application, I was overwhelmed by the efficiency of the program, both in the early development of design up to the final presentation outputs.

I introduced SketchUp to my employer and colleagues and they found it to be effective and easy to learn. Now we are still using it, mostly on our non-photo realistic presentations, since rendering is being done in China.

Interest on Arch-Viz using SketchUP, as a modeling tool sparked my curiosity!I found myself lurking on Asgvis forums. I have been into endless trials and errors, before finally creating a good output from Vray for SketchUp.

Google SketchUp was a breath of fresh air, from the previous one. With lots of plug-ins, well-developed software, which easily connects to the 3Dwarehouse, via internet, lessens my search for other models needed to complete my visualizations.

I’m still developing my photo-realistic rendering, with the help of 3ds Max rendering-engine Vray applications. Now, with much available animation software that gears more on SketchUp modeling, the only fuel I need now is my creativity and unique imagination.

After reading the SketchUp Ur Space Competition in your website, my creativity sparked anew, since this is my first time to join an International competition. Fortunate enough to catch the 3rd Place was a big accomplishment for me!

Thank you for the time and more power to SketchUp Ur Space!!!!!

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