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Author : Chenlee O. Menes

My Story With SketchUp


Hi! My name is Chenlee O. Menes and I would like to share to you my story with SketchUp and my experience to the first ever SketchUp ur Space competition.

I'm an Architecture student here in the Philippines and visualising is a part of my daily activities.
Back in 2007 to 2009, I was never interested in 3D modeling and computer aided design softwares. I was contented in preparing and presenting designs by manual drafting. I was thinking for myself back then, that I'll just hire my own draftsman when I become a fully licensed architect. All of those things changed when my parents bought me a laptop
in preparation for our upcoming thesis. At first, I don't really know what I am going to do with this computer besides internet surfing, playing games and watching movies. SO I decided to start studying AutoCAD by myself guided with a 3-inch book! I just learned how to basically make a floorplan, elevation and sections but then gave up when it comes to 3D modeling.

I started searching the net using Google for the easiest free 3D modeling software, and instantly I met SketchUp! I downloaded it immediately and after hours of using it, I became somehow addicted to it. I can now create design concepts, detailed perspectives, elevations, sections, design presentations etc. in a very short time with this program.
SketchUp opened my eyes into a new perspective in creating and presenting designs, concepts and ideas. This Free 3D modeling software also introduced me into the world of realistic 3D visualizing with the aid of different rendering engines like Vray, Podium, Artlantis, Kerythea etc. I've been using SketchUp for about a year and a half now and I can truly say that it is one of the most powerful 3D modeling software available today. And with SketchUp, everyone can be a 3D artist.

Last year of September, I registered and became a member of just after 4 months of learning SketchUp and Vray. And from there I learned a lot of things from the tutorials of Nomer Adona, Zernan Suarez, Erick Torio, James Albert Infante and other gurus regarding the software I used. I also made a new circle of on-line friends because of SketchUp which turned into a group in Facebook.
This group is formerly called "SkecthUp-Vray users" which is now popularly known as SketchUp-Vray artist.

--The Competition--

I learned about the "SketchUp ur Space Competition" when it was posted in our group's wall. I was so eager to join and got so excited thinking concepts to render. But my eagerness and excitement fades due to my busy schedule in my "real world"; making projects, exams, quizzes and preparing our thesis. The deadline was almost over and I don't even have a concept yet. I got so happy when the competition got extended! And I was about to start my entry when I realized that I still don't know what will I put in my scene. Again, my eagerness and excitement to join the competition vanished! I decided not to join. The second deadline was about to be over when something hits me an idea on what am I going to render if I join the competition. I just took pity on myself and asked myself " Why didn't I think of that?!" So even with a day and a half left before the deadline, I started modeling all the components that I will use in my scene in the evening. All the modeling process took me 4-hours, and then I went to sleep because I still have to attend class in the morning. I went back to work immediately when I got home from school and it took me almost 8 hours in texturing all the models, setting up the scene, setting up the lights, render testing, final render and post processing. It was a really tiring but satisfying and fun experience! Thank God it was over! After sending my entry, I did not expect to win at all or even dreamt of 2nd place or 3rd and so on and so forth.
It is because I gave my best on that competition, I applied all what I have learned and giving my best was the most satisfying and happiest feeling I felt after the event.

Thank you SketchUp ur Space!
More Power and God bless!

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