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SketchUp is a unique designing tool. You can utilize this tool in the sector of architecture, construction, woodworking, gaming, graphics and even in the field of interior designing and space planning. SketchUp is here to help the interior designing with material, texture, lights and colors. The professionals need to know the available tools and how they can use them in the specific cases to this particular discipline. You have to have some fundamental concepts and ideas on how to create objects and interior spaces. For this reason, the professionals can go through books like ‘Google SketchUp for Interior Designing and Space Planning’.

SketchUp has the ability to show people exactly how a model will be built. It helps the interior designer to create a bridge for communication between them and their clients. SketchUp contains a compact yet robust tool-set with an intelligent guidance system to render, to create 'see though' and hidden line views, to orbit around the design and create a walk through the 'virtual' site. The Professional version of the software also allows inter alia, sun studies - One can put forward a point on the earth's surface and the time of day and SketchUp will make use of ray tracing to forecast the shadows accurately that will be cast by your model.

SketchUp is used in this sector to:

  • Quickly exploring design ideas

  • Pre-sales visualization

  • Creating professional presentation documents with LayOut

  • Communicating with clients and contractors

  • Creating accurate floor plans to scale

  • Submitting bids

  • Creating and configuring custom Dynamic Components

  • Space planning

  • Multiple wireframe, shaded, and rendered views of an interior space

  • Interior and exterior shadow studies

  • Real time color composition

  • Material & texture comparisons & analysis

  • Populating interior spaces with high quality entourage

  • Paint manufacture product swatches and view them in context

In this way SketchUp makes the work of interior designing and space planning quite easy and interesting. One of the plus points of SketchUp is that it helps the users to maintain the geometry of the model under control. With the help of SketchUp you will never have a headache of disorganized model.

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