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Author : Anil Nimesh

D-cad (The Google ATC, India)

D-cad (The Google ATC, India)

D-cad is the first Google Authorised Training Centre in India for Google SketchUp & Google Earth. We were awarded as Google ATC in 2007. Professionally, we are an Architectural & Town Planning Firm.

The Principal Architect is Ar. Anil Nimesh. He has great vision for Indian Professionals. He has a keen interest in making Professionals aware about advance & affordable Software Technology available worldwide. He first started in July 2005 and introduced two softwares i.e. Intellicad & SketchUp in India. In this relation, he had organised an International Seminar on 'Reinventing the IT Solutions' at S.P.A., Delhi.

There are certain facts which every Professional has to face i.e. buying Desktop/ Laptop & Software. Most of the time Software are costilier than Hardware. Thus, no option left to choose Pirated one. It was first time when Ar. Anil Nimesh had introduced softwares suitable serving professional need which are Lower than the cost of Hardware.

Today, lots of Professionals learnt & accepted the SketchUp as a most suitable software for 3D work in terms of simplicity, user friendliness and its professional nature. But, still stating "SketchUp as a Professional software" is rare as lots Professionals are not completing aware of the Software knowhow. But, Ar. Anil Nimesh had proved long time back.

Initially, Professionals didn't agreed on this fact and 1 / 2hrs Demonstrations were not sufficient to explain the software's strength. So, he decided for 'No More Demonstration'. Since then i.e. year 2005, he started giving training on SketchUp and Software Application in the respective Professions. So, enough time to explain, prove and train on SketchUp and its professional features. The M/s Jacobs (a UK based firm), Ahmedabad was the first trained Architectural Office in Oct. 2005.

And then, he made a statement that “3D Modeling is no more difficult and SketchUp is a professional software”.

The first Base Camp was conducted in July 2007 at S.P.A., Delhi. All we need to train a Participant was that he must know hand drafting. So, many Old Age Architects came forward to learn SketchUp. The most known participants were Mrs. Tripta Khurana (The Chief Architect, Delhi Metro Rail Corportation) & Mrs. Manju Safaya (The Chief Architect, HUDCO) and so on. We did Base Camps in Dehradun, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Roorkee, Bangalore and Allahabad. Now, on an average, almost 100-150 Architects get training on SketchUp every year. Our Client list is mentioned in our website.

India is full of Talented Professionals. But, most of the Professionals are not able to project their Original ideas in their Work. They are talented but they hidden & surviving somewhere in the Country. There may be so many reasons but one of main reason is 3D Visualisation of their ideas. They design well but Client is not capable to percieve those ideas correctly/completely. Hence, Software is solution or medium but beyond their pocket. So, use Google SketchUp free version (unlimited) or Google SketchUp Pro which is for US$495/- lower the cost of Hardware. This software goes with your thoughts if you know how to command it. In SketchUp, making Geometry like tensigrity structure or geodesic forms is a seconds job.

Why Training?

As all of us know that there are lots of YouTube tutorials are available. It will give you part knowledge to operate the software but not the complete knowledge. That is also after doing so much of efforts, experiments, hit & trial on those tutourials over period of 6 months or more. After this great efforts, if a Professional think that we knew SketchUp and don't need any training. So, we say 'You don't need Training' to those Professionals. But, if you are experienced enough in SketchUp and still keen to learn. So, don't mind if we say, we'll train you but we'll take you as Zero in SketchUp. :-)

It is beacuse, there are so many basics not covered in YouTube Tutorials which has a major relation with Advance Modeling. Your simple thought to learn more, give us enough boost to give more. Thus, we train only to those Professionals who know that at Google ATC to learn more and in a systematic manner.

Why from D-cad?

D-cad provides 'After Training Support' free of cost. It can be learning some basics or difficulties in Projects while using SketchUp. We are happy to serve you (the Trained Participants) beacause we take your Question as a Knowledge/ Learning.

What we focus during Training? We focus on SketchUp Software's Concept, learning of Commands, Combination of Commands, Hidden Commands, Knowledge & Importance of Hardware Configuration, different Software behaviour & their utilities, Issues & their solutions, Techniques, Efficienciency in working, Tips & Tricks and Application in Profession. At the end of the Training Course, we take Tests. Covering all these make our courses Unique in the World. That means different among Google ATCs worldwide.

Types of Courses
  1. Mastering Google SketchUp with Basics & Advance 3D Modeling for Architects or Interior Designers
  2. Mastering Google SketchUp with Terrain Modeling
  3. Mastering Google SketchUp with Realistic Rendering using SU Podium
  4. Mastering Google Earth Pro (Limited to Govt. Organisation)
  5. Mastering Google SketchUp with Geomodeling in Google Earth (Limited to Govt. Organisation)

Google Certificate, Software Handouts, Training Kit etc... but all after clearing certain test during the training.

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