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SketchUp in the making of AVATAR

We all know that how much SketchUp is beneficial for the 3D designing sector. It has laid its hand to the science fiction movies also. It is a great tool to create a super natural atmosphere match the soul of the movie. Now almost all the big names of film designing use SketchUp especially in the initial stage to create quick layout and plan scenes. It is used in various animation films like The Incredible, Troy, the Social Networking, Avatar and many more. The 3D animation movies get the more photo realistic effect easily by this user friendly designing tool. But its boundary is not limited in the animation film only. It moves towards the special effect genre of Hollywood film industry. SketchUp helps hugely to the art directors, special effect specialist. And the power of SketchUp is well proven in the magnum opus like Avatar.

And this big budget film of James Cameron was partly created by SketchUp. In the total 162 minutes of the film which already gathered the applause for the special effect, a great part is made off SketchUp. The futuristic atmosphere of this sci-fi film is computer generated. The realistic jungle of Pandora, the blue humanoid characters called Na'vi and most importantly the mass destruction weapon like the space shuttles, the AMP suits, the Gunship are made off SketchUp. Though there were some other 3D designing tools used but none is as easy, as fast as smooth as the SketchUp.

The lead vehicle designer of Avatar is Ellingson who also has credits of designing films like Battle: Los Angeles, Hellboy and blade: Trinity. According to him SketchUp has the lion share of the credits of this. This easy to use designing tool is used to create conceptual designs, including the deadly suits used by humans. The proper shadow and appropriate rendering are the outcome of the right use of SketchUp.

The complex work of 3D rendering and photorealistic effects are made easy with SketchUp. For a modern day art director, graphic designer and special effect producers SketchUp is a godsend help. The level of details achieved by SketchUp is not possible to get in any other designing tool which is so much simple and user friendly.

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