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Film industry is a make belief dream land where every day many dreams are created. And these dreams are decorated by the various set designers and interior designers. They decorate the set according to the mood of the story. It is very hectic for them to design sets for a movie as there are almost 30-50 average sets in one movie. The set designers not only have to depend on their creativity but also to the medium to visualize the creation. It is very hectic for them to draw each and every angle of a scene in paper. And a conventional 3D design tool is much complex to draw a simple scene.

In this situation SketchUp is the god send help for the set designers. The hand drafting is a talk of the old school. Now SketchUp is here to make the drawing feel like real. The director has to communicate visually with the set designer to make him understand the need of the moment of the script. And SketchUp can do it very well. In a paper 2D draft you can see only one angle but is SketchUp you can spin around the model and see the each and every angle of the model. It will give them a better understanding and make visual communication very easy.


As the set designing is a sector of creativity, instance change frequently happens. And change is the most undesirable thing for a paper drafting. But in SketchUp you can change your drawing any time even in the last minute and in a few clicks. They can quickly taste different design options in SketchUp. They can change the texture of the room or they can change the positioning of the furniture. In fact they can change the whole set of furniture. The 3D Warehouse is here to supply unlimited variety of furniture. They can surf, download and see the furniture direct in the design. SketchUp along with 3D Warehouse give a new wing to the Set designer to play with the versatility of the tool.

Generally any set designer put lots of effort in a drawing but can’t back to the previous image or state of the image in paper drafting. But SketchUp allows the users to get back to the previous drawing easily. The photo realistic effect is another plus point for the set designers. SketchUp actually represent the design in real time. SketchUp with the help of Google Earth will get them in to the real location. The fly through, walk though tools helps the set designers to experience a better visual communication. For all these reason SketchUp is considered as the most popular, useful and communicative designing tool for the film set designers.

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