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Usually I used to draw in AutoCAD for 3D modeling and CorelDraw for my 2D presentation. In 2008 I first confronted with Sketchup. From that time I started using this fantastic 3D tool. From that time I started exploring further on the Google SketchUp. I found V-Ray at that time. To know and learn more about this two great companion I started visiting forum websites like and

And I found that those forums are the vast recourses of SketchUp tutorials. Together with the help of both of the communities I had developed my skill in producing 3D models and photo-realistic images using V-Ray and SketchUp. For me SketchUp is the powerful weapon/tool for making preliminary design solutions because designers can interact and modify their concepts, in real time, during presentation.

Here are my key ingredients on how to use and put SketchUp in my design workflow.

• Pencil / Manual sketch draft
• Space Planning / Circulation
• Volume set up / Modeling / Detail
• Shade and Shadow Setting
• Camera Views set up
• Rough test render
• Lighting arrangement
• Color / Texture / Atmosphere
• Others / Accessories / Entourage
• Final touch / Render

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