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My Name is Eko Astiawan, I have been using SketchUp since 2009 so it's like 3 years ago. The first time I knew SketchUp was when one of my friend post on Facebook that he need someone who is able to use SketchUp to help him in his job. So the curiosity hits me, what is this SketchUp?

So I Googled it, and found out that it’s a 3d modeling software. I’ve never been using 3d software before. I like Graphic Design, it’s my hobby. I usually design something only in 2D using a program such as Photoshop and Corel. But SketchUp is a 3d Modeling software, so it’s just got me, maybe it’s time for me to explore in to a new world of designing, a 3D Modeling.

So I start using it, learning SketchUp form zero, lucky for me SketchUp has its own tutorial in the website. First I try to modeling a simple thing, follow the tutorial from the website, join some forum that really help me a lot in learning SketchUp. After a few months, I am 70% able to use this software, I understand the tools the method of modeling something from box, planar, cylindrical and sphere object. I use many plugin that really makes thing easier to do some modeling. And I began to like this software and I found out that this software open a lot of creation and creativity.

The main thing and the advantages from SketchUp is that it’s really easy to use, the interface is very easy to learn, the tutorial is very easy to follow, has many plugins that open a lot of possibility and ease you in modeling.
For rendering I always use Vray, It helped me a lot these day to create realistic image. SketchUp and Vray, both of them is like Dynamic Duo for me in 3D Designing. They helped me to explore a lot of creation method, and creativity.

From designing simple scene, into a really complex scene I always use these software. Back then when I look at my first creation, I never thought that can make the scene that I create in a present day. SketchUp really helped a lot. It’s like a door that opens a new world in 3D Design.

I'm no architect or an Interior Designer, the fact is I worked as an accounting supervisor. So Sketchup is 3D for everyone.

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