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Augmented Reality refers to the blending of digital and real world information by means of suitable computer interfaces in real-time. Since the launch of the AR-media Plugin for Google SketchUp by Inglobe Technologies, the SketchUp community has got in touch for the first time with this new and incredible technology. Based on the ARmedia Augmented Reality Platform by Inglobe  Technologies the ARmedia Plugin (or ARplugin for the friends) is especially targeted to enhance Google SketchUp with Augmented Reality functionalities. Basically it allows users to visualize and study their 3D creations directly in the physical space that surrounds them through a suitable visualization interface. The software provides digital designers with a variety of easy-to-use and practical tools that serve the purpose of creating compelling Augmented Reality (AR) projects.
With a community of more than ten thousand users worldwide, ARmedia Plugin is the first choice for every digital designer who wants to create AR content using SketchUp without programming skills. The ARplugin is especially targeted to content creators in the following areas:

  1. AEC: Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals and firms employ the ARplugin to enhance architectural visualization and BIM workflow with powerful AR features
  2. Industrial Design: Industrial Designers employ the ARplugin to study their virtual prototypes in the real physical space
  3. Publishing: Content Creators in the publishing industry employ the ARplugin as an irreplaceable aid to the design of engaging and interactive contents in association with the traditional print media
  4. Exhibitions: Exhibition Designers use the ARplugin to create a whole new range of interactive experiences
  5. Marketing: Content Creators in the Marketing industry use the ARplugin to create immersive experience for product placement and consolidation
  6. Education: educators employ the ARplugin as a tool to improve learning and teaching experience in the classroom.

Features & Benefits
The ARplugin provides users with has a lot of features that

  1. a ready to use Markers Library is available
  2. users can create Multiple Markers scenes by associating different 3d models in a scene to different markers
  3. users can create independent Augmented Reality files with extension armedia and let other users enjoy them using the free AR-media Player via the Export feature
  4. users can create their own markers
  5. users can embed Video/Audio files inside their 3D objects
  6. by creating “Occluders” objects users create invisible virtual objects that mirror the structure of the real-world scene in order to deal with real world occluders and thus use some real objects to hide virtual content in the observer view 
  7. advanced users can also customize AR interactions via XML
  8. users have better control on the tracking algorithms using the Light Debug mode
  9. Antialiasing to minimize visual artifacts
  10. Real-time Rendering and support for a variety of animations types
  11. Support for a wide range of HD webcams and cameras
  12. Support for a variety of Head Mounted Displays including eMagin Z800 3D Visor, I-O Display Systems i-Glasses, VR ProAR

A Demo version and a Free Personal Learning Edition of the ARplugin are available for download. Other versions include the Professional Lite and Professional Editions.

Inglobe Technologies Srl
Inglobe Technologies is a leading company that specializes in the development of Augmented Reality solutions and software. Since the launch of the popular Augmented Reality platform, ARmedia, and related AR plugins to Google SketchUp and Autodesk 3ds Max, the company has emerged in the international market as a key provider of Augmented Reality solutions and software addressed to different market segments. With a strong commitment to applied research and sustainable solutions, Inglobe Technologies has become a reliable R&D partners for companies like Google SketchUp, Autodesk and Dassault Systemes. The company started its activities in late 2008 with the bootstrapping effort of its founding members. Currently, Inglobe Technologies has adjacencies with some of the most important Research Institutions in the field of Augmented Reality, and its members contribute to the development of some of the most important software engines used in the AR field.

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Inglobe Technologies Srl
Via Giacomo Matteotti 103
03023 Ceccano (FR), Italy
Telephone: +39 0775 603071

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