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Guest Article

Hello friends!

First, forgive my English, I'm Thiago Luz, Architect and Urban Planner which operates in 3D for more than four years in Brazil. My story began with Sketchup College of Architecture at an event organized by my college. At the time, was in SketchUp version 4, but only had my first contact with the program in demo version 5.

Excited by the possibilities that the program could provide me with the work of college, I spent many nights studying architectural modeling processes until some time later I was taking classes in college sketchup including teachers themselves. And before long was developing jobs for architecture and engineering professionals in my small town. At that time I already knew some rendering programs, and it was when the first version of v-ray for sketchup. I had to adapt to market and evolve my work, but it was not easy, I studied v-ray and also Artlantis. Reaching an acceptable image quality has cost me many sleepless nights, many weekends without leaving and many tests, trials and errors. And so far, every new work is a new challenge is something you need to innovate and always better than the last.

Over time I work with renowned professionals from other cities and develop some jobs to other countries like Dubai and Mozambique. I recently had the honor of being invited by Abvent to be beta-tester for Artlantis 4, which for me was a great recognition of my work.

To me, what makes a work is complete and perfect in just three items: modeling, humanization and post-production. Knowing modeling complex projects, with humanizing quality textures and various components and well set in your work, you already have most of the work done with excellence. Thereafter depend mainly on the rendering and post-production, where you can give your image magic. Post-production for me is a very important item where the side of the professional artist makes the rendered image in a magnificent picture!

I mean, your work may not be as real as possible, but if it is very well executed and really beautiful, your client will give you a beautiful smile of satisfaction and surprise, this means that you exceeded your goal! After all the reality already exists, it behooves us to give her a little more beauty, and fantasy.

Even with more complex work and more demanding customers, Sketchup is still my favorite tool for work, sometimes a bit limited in some features, but my work continues to be fully modeled in sketchup!

I'm glad to be able to comment briefly my story and keep up with other professionals around the world. I wish you all success and lots of light!

A big hug to all! - Brazil

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