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Sketchup-ur-space Magazine - June 14

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Interview Claudio Feldman - architect since 1984, from Buenos Aires University, Argentine

Hello! Welcome to the arena of sketchup ur space. Please focus on something about your background. How long have you been working as an architect?

Hello, I am architect since 1984, from Buenos Aires University, Argentine - FADU-UBA. (But I have worked too a lot of years in Plastic Arts Exhibitions and Presentations ( Drawings+Paintings+Photos= Mixed media). Als architect, I was one Architect Designer, helping in architecture office in Buenos Aires, my city. (After that, I have studied of course Different 2D/3D Digitals Programs).

What and who are your inspirations in your work?

A lot of differents ways, sincerely. We are always seeing and receiving images-ideas and inspirations.each day. The Nature !! for example. Today you can find a lot of architects work very creatives in a great differents levels. No only one, of course.

How did you get hooked with sketchup?

I have founded Sketchup of Internet years ago, obviously i have that founded so Practice for Designers, and Free !!. (In these moment Sketchup was from Google). I have worked in these moments for Sketchs-books, with Sketchs, watercolours, and one day i have that see. ( Ok,...3D SKETCHS = Sketchup !)

Did you have any project to mention in which you applied sketchup successfully?

I try always to do with Sketchup, because is so easy and quickly-fast. I use Sketchup for drawing Ideas & Designs. That give to me a inmediately answer and I can see some apreciations over the Design in a few moments.(see the small videos examples in differents fields:

Now, when I try to do some 3D printings-Models,--- of differents Themas & Objects---- I can try fast with 3D models in Sketchup, because I can have and see one first answer quickly-inmediately. (the results is one file folder in my PC,-- in a few hours---, with more than 40 images for work).

How sketchup is useful for Architecture?

Everyone can draw with these software, find it in internet with a free version, (first), and that is a program what you can work whiteout problems, whiteout a course, in few moments, because is so Simple and Easy. You can always find a lot of Tutorials in Internet and Pluggins, Videos and more information, to more depper to go, of course Courses if you want, but maybe not neccesary.

You have several distinctions in drawing & painting. Tell us something about that.

Before the Educations in Architecture, was always alone with Old-Hands-Techniques, yes, Perspectives+Classic Drawings+Colours, almost bound to be a good drawer to express your ideas on paper!, for that I was one person so interested in a good designer to be.

So, years ago, there was in Buenos Aires, a lot of Concours for Architectural Drawings, of Architects Drawings, and that was another way to improve your skills,with other collegas).

At the same time I have studied in Arts-Schools and diferents artists ateliers + courses, (Drawings-Paintings-Photografie-Air brush,Gravure,a lot of artesanal Techniques),that was a good complement Resultat: I was one Perspectiviste Architect (for Presentations-Colours-Skechts Projects-)and i am searching for news ways to work with that.

Some I help architect with their Models, Meubels, Houses models, Interieurs, etc, of I try my own ideas & projects = not so easy today).


As an artist how do you evaluate sketchup?

Sketchup is a program that can you help a lot, in different ways of course I find no each day a program as Sketchup. With a lot of possibilities!. Free and so singular.

When I need to do some 3D Model, i can do it with 3DStudio Max,..Revit architecture.., or another software, but Sketchup is a Free Program, and after that you can export the file, to another program, if you want.

Croquis van rumbeke

What upgradations do you want to include in Sketchup in near future?

Vray for Sketchup of something like that, ...""Motors for renders""... because in these way you can Renderings to do at the same time !! and the level for RESULT IMAGES come better.

(Well,today.. there are differents motors of renders for/with SK,Kerkythea-Lumion-,etc, with so good results !).

Kopie van l1

Sketchup contains several versions and among them which is the best for Architects?

I use the free version, i haven’t Sketchup-Pro, but I find obviously the best ""Sketchup Pro"".

Today there is (I think that), a serious problem for architects, because the Software and 3D Software is not so cheap, is so expensive!!!!....and the world gives not each days jobs for everyone.....

You need to see the Plans Documentations in these software by Nick Sonder!. ( that I find a good exampe, for architects).Documentations in Sketchup ?.Yes !!.

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What suggestions do you prefer to provide for the budding architects?

There is an American architect Nick Sonder, who make the Documentations in Sketchup, in an high level of details, and that is an example to see. I like that. In these way you don’t need AutoCAD for Documentations ! (Which have a high Price). (Very very interesting, you can find one video in Youtube:

Please, if you know another program free and more practice for 3D drawings than Sketchup, let me know the Name !!.

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Please provide your feedback about our magazine.

I'm here watching, reading and learning a little more each day, I really like these nice program Sketchup, and with good results. Learning to know too your SK Magazine. A lot of material to read and learn even.

Now, I am a little architect, that is all, and I am searching for jobs.

As many others.

Best Regards, and Thank you!.

Download CV - Claudio Feldman


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