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Sketchup-ur-space Magazine - June 14

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Interview with Rachmat Nurhadi - Owner of ardisia design landscape and 3D visual and renowned landscape architect

Hello Rachmat! Welcome to the SketchUp community. Please make your introduction to our readers.

Hello, my name is Rachmat Nurhadi, I am under graduate majoring landscape architecture of Bogor Agricultural Institute, Indonesia, in 2004. I am 32 years old, and work as a landscape architect and 3D visualizer.

When do you first discover SketchUp in your professional career?

Around 2005, while working in landscape consultant. I used SketchUp4 and SketchUp5 as my first experience.

You have lots of experience working as a landscape architect. How do you utilize SketchUp in your profession?

SketchUp is very helpful in my work as a landscape architect, It makes me easy in making landscape design visualization for my clients. It is very useful with simple tools and supported with adequate library especially plants. I use SketchUp for landscape design concepts presentation to the client, with non rendering visualization, very easy to give an explanation of the concept of landscape that we propose. In addition with very good rendering results it is very helpful in making 3D for marketing/brochure, with results that are not necessarily inferior to other 3D software.

You are the owner of Ardisia design landscape & 3D visual. Tell us something about your organization.

Ardisiadesign landscape design & 3D visual is my personal studio working in the field of landscape design services as well as 3D visual modeling for presentations and marketing purposes. It is established in mid 2012, originally named studiodesainku landscape since 2007, we have done several small to large scale projects such as restaurants, cafes, water park, city parks, housing cluster, etc., our clients are from public and private.

The SketchUp contains various version and out of them which can be considered most useful for landscape designing?

When I first knew about SketchUp, I used SketchUp5 and it was quite helpful, although at the time there were not many plugins that I knew of. But now with the existing SketchUp software development, I use SketchUp8 with some additional plugins which are very helpful in making the picture, both in terms of time efficiency and the ability to create complex 3D objects.

How SketchUp can be applied for site designing?

SketchUp has the ability to make good land contours, it is very helpful in my profession which has a lot to do with the contours of the land/site. Besides SketchUp also connected with google earth so it’s very helpful also in providing an analysis overview of site/land we will work on.

What rendering software do you want to recommend for landscape visualization?

I am currently using 3 rendering software, I initially used Podium, then I learned vray and now there is a very good software namely lumion, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The best from Podium is the speed and settings. I use vray because it has a complete material setting. Whereas Lumion gives the best results, and fast, as well as the ability of the library in lumion especially plants is very helpful to provide landscape design visualization to clients. I recommend these 3 software as I said earlier they have the different strengths and weaknesses.

You have completed several landscape architectural projects with SketchUp and among them which was the most complicated project to finish. How did you apply SketchUp in that project?

So far projects which have the most difficult challenges are projects that have a large area, and also the high level of complexity, such as a city forest or territory scale, due to the size of land and also the level of complexity of the landscape design would require patience and thoroughness in creating it. I use SU to visualize concepts and landscape design results to clients.

What obstacles do you generally face while utilizing SketchUp for landscape designing?

Obstacles in using SketchUp is when the file is very large and complex sometimes it will be very difficult for SketchUp file to be driven in a computer, and sometimes cannot be rendered, I myself do not understand but based on experience, maybe SketchUp does have the shortcoming in handling a lot of polygon so that when the file is complex it will be very heavy to edit.

You had received so many prizes in your professional life like 1st Prize winner at House Garden Design Contest held by PT. Urbanindo Modul Utama and 1st Prize winner team in Cimahi Landscape Planning Competition, held by Pemkab Cimahi. Please tell something about those achievements.

The first is a home garden design competition held when I was a student, when SketchUp hasn’t existed yet back then, and I was still using freehand drawings to complete the design with my teammates. While the second is a contest being held when I was joined oemardizain landscape consultant, My team and I in followed the contest. We used SketchUp to create 3D presentations even without rendering software. And at that time we managed to beat other teams from various professions such as architects, urban designers, and other landscape architects.

Who are your biggest inspirations for landscape architecture designing?

In landscapes world I am inspired by Bill Bensley, an American landscape architect, who has a lot of experience in tropical landscape. Also in Indonesia I was inspired by Mr. Zain Rahman, which we call the Father of Indonesian Landscape Architecture.

Ardisia Design Landscape

The SketchUp has been acquired by Trimble. What upgradation should be included in SketchUp for landscape designing in near future? What are your suggestions for budding landscape architects?

So far SketchUp has really been helpful because of the ease in making a 3D object. But there are drawbacks that may still need to be increased as the heavy files when handling objects with many polygons. It would be very easy for us as users of SketchUp in completing the work. Additionally plugins which is still not integrated directly in the SketchUp may later be integrated directly in the SketchUp so it will be easier for us to use it.

What are your suggestions for budding landscape architects?

Keep learning and practice, both in terms of the use of software and the more important is how to make a good landscape design and in accordance with the character of the user, this would require knowledge and also exercise a lot. Because good design comes from a good concept, and can be applied at the land/site.

What suggestions do you want to provide to the team of SketchUp-ur-space team for improving the quality of the magazine?

So far it’s been very nice, and keep up the good work and also expand education as well as tips and tricks in using SketchUp.

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