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SketchUp Ruby Code Editor is Updated

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This code editor extension offers a simple to-utilize and outwardly engaging approach to compose and alter Ruby contents straightforwardly inside SketchUp. These contents would then be able to be utilized to make calculation, include usefulness or include information inside the SketchUp 3D modeling condition. The SketchUp Ruby API gives a broad arrangement of capacities to automatize SketchUp from multiple points of view or make scripted, computational math.

The developer, Alex Schreyer made this editor basically for two reasons: One is that Alex needed an approach to alter and run SketchUp Ruby code directly within SketchUp’s 3D modeling condition. Regularly this is done in an outer editor, yet having an interior editor takes into account utilizing both scripting and modeling simultaneously – relying upon your requirements.

The editor needed to give simple admittance to the Ruby coding condition and act more like a genuine code editor. To achieve this, I included a touch of jQuery (and jQuery UI) enchantment to make it look great and have some extra visual highlights (for example the tabs and menus).

Alex additionally included the fantastic CodeMirror grammar highlighting motor. This gives the editor multi-language code highlighting, right TAB control, find/supplant, section coordinating, code collapsing, and numerous different highlights. Simply load the module and check it out to see with your own eyes that it is so natural to utilize!

The other purpose behind this extension is that when you compose code, for all time you need to look into documentation. To make this simpler, Alex included a lot of reference webpages to a browser window. Additionally, a dropdown beneath the editor contains some normal code pieces that can be embedded at the current cursor position. I am additionally exploring different avenues regarding a code-finish include that you can conjure anytime by clicking CTRL-SHIFT. It contains SketchUp’s classes and strategies.

The SketchUp extension Ruby Code Editor held a best position on Alex’s daily agenda for a long time as of recently. He at last got around to giving the code a significant redesign and can now gladly report that variant 4.0 has quite recently been delivered. In the event that you are a prepared coder or a novice simply needing to evaluate scripted calculation, look at the new form, there are some very decent new highlights in there.

Highlights of SketchUp Ruby Code Editor 

  • Excellent and clean editor UI with menu-based UI
  • Light/dark themed editor
  • Permits executing multi-line Ruby code straightforwardly in SketchUp
  • Works with files of any size
  • Quick opening and code highlighting of huge files
  • Most as of late utilized file list
  • Console alternate route
  • Line numbering in editor
  • Indenting/un-indenting of code blocks
  • Coordinating sections, current line highlighting
  • Fix/re-try in editor
  • Find/supplant in editor
  • Code collapsing
  • Supplement code bits at cursor
  • Code-consummation for SketchUp classes and techniques
  • Programmed reinforcement file creation
  • Different choices: font size, tab/space indenting
  • Fix of code execution
  • Single fix choice for whole code
  • Results window monitors run history
  • Reference web browser for regular websites
  • Investigate determination object properties and qualities
  • Choice for direct admittance to the Ruby support
  • Choice to alter default code scrap
  • Clean printing of code

Where to get the SketchUp Ruby Code Editor

As usual, it’s ideal to simply download it or update from the Extension Warehouse discourse directly inside SketchUp. Obviously, you can discover it in SketchUcation’s Plugin Store just as on the developer’s website. Download link: https://extensions.sketchup.com/extension/07d36510-4de5-49c5-ba63-5cf254c98b2b/ruby-code-editor

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